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travel_road_1As many of us know, the “right to travel” wherever and whenever we want is something that is a Universal freedom. And I believe it’s also in that “US Constitution” (the original one, not the 1871 “making the USA a corporation” one). It’s great that people like Paul K. are doing this now. At the minimum, it will bring awareness to all of this.

Here is a Wikipedia document which addresses some of this.


Group to exercise ‘right to travel’
By BRET YAGER West Hawaii Today

No safety check? No insurance? No license plate? No problem.

That’s according to a group of Big Island residents who think they have a constitutional right to travel without state and federally imposed licensing, registration and safety checks.

On Jan. 2, the group will ring in the new year with a drive to demonstrate that independence.

“We will be planning the route so…

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