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This share by Tania Marie speaks to me big time. I feel many feel the same way. We are coming to a time of no veils. How do you feel about that. Are you ready? How do you embrace it? 😘😘😘😘😘

Tania Marie's Blog


Yesterday we set off to our home base for the next two weeks, which has us resting in beautiful Pine Grove, which is just below Kirkwood ski resort near South Lake Tahoe.


I woke to a dusting of AM snow that continued drifting down for a few hours, but is all melted now.


The days ahead here are looking to be sun-infused, although crisply winter-filled. A perfect blend to off-set the skiing and snow-shoeing ahead where the snow is quite dense.

Days have been filled lately and so it will be nice to stay grounded for a longer period right now while things are transitioning for me, as well as a lot of things coming to closure, more purging and releasing, some beautiful sharing to be experienced, lots of nature and snow time, as well as family celebrations.

Today and tomorrow may be my last blogs for a few days…

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