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Sharing this exchange. I’ve been contemplating this myself recently. Boundaries and feeling the freedom of no judgement in choosing where to and whom to expend my energy with. I have a small number of who I would consider to be true blue friends in my life. These our telationships that I have no qualm in expending energy. They are healthy and stimulating for all parties. The rest I consider acquaintances. They can be fun or they can be one sided or somewhere in between. I know a number of people that pride themselves in numbers and numbers of friends. Maybe they are and maybe they aren’t Numbers don’t qualify as a friend to me. Quality is what matters Much love

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This little comment exchange from the post Expectations and Happiness seems important to bump up, since the topic arises a lot during client sessions, as well as during conversations with colleagues needing to maintain balance in their lives so they don’t burn out. It also goes along with Tania Marie’s recent video message, which I also highly recommend.

Comments bumped up from Expectations and Happiness. (I added paragraphs to mine for easier reading):

  • Posted by diana allen on February 19, 2016 at 9:33 pm  edit

    A couple weeks ago I was having lunch with a friend and she shared with me that in general, she has “really low expectations” of other people. I was so surprised! But she said someone once told her that people with lower expectations are happier than people with high expectations, and she too it to heart.

    Logically, I suppose this makes perfect…

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