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So fun to see Tania, Dave and the Magick bus adventures.

Tania Marie's Blog

Yesterday we decided to explore the Willow Lake area, which is also within the vicinity of the Granite Dells in Prescott.

Having spent the previous day at Watson Lake, I was curious to see the difference, if any, in the energy there.

And indeed there was. I could sense it right away and even the landscape had a variance to it.20160305_123545_resized.jpg

Part of the difference may have something to do with the area around it being more developed and homesteads across the way on the south also within view.

But there also seemed to just be a different energy that wasn’t as inviting to me. The lake itself didn’t seem as pristinely kept and even the RV within walking distance from it felt different.

For not knowing the area, I felt again we were always being guided to the area that would be most supportive for us, as we really…

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