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Sharing this post from Tania. So much packed into this fun and lively post along with the great pics. I felt so blessed to be able to connect with Tania on her visit here. She made such a yummie breakfast for us on the Majick Bus. I also had the honor and pleasure of meeting her adorable mom and dad. Also Cosmo and Joy, for so long I had wanted to meet them in person. Bunnie loves indeed. I got to pet their super soft bodies and even hold and cuddle Cosmo while Joy was under the table doing her energy work. Such a blessing and the highlight of my week. Thank you Tania. This share is power packed. Love you. Oxox

Tania Marie's Blog


Since I may not blog again until next week, I thought I’d share a little update of things here at our mid-point of the two weeks we’re spending in Sedona right now.

Between very limited Wi-Fi, my focusing on my writing this week, and deepening into more embodiment of the transformations taking place here with me, this feels most aligned and nurturing.

A lot continues to release for me and become exquisitely clear, and for that I am truly grateful.

My parents came to visit this last Thursday and just left yesterday morning.20160311_180607_resized_2

We had a wonderful time connecting here in Sedona’s energy, sharing a lot, and nurturing major shifts for the four of us individually and collectively.

I even celebrated my 15 year anniversary of officially and legally changing my name on Saturday to Tania Marie (making my middle name my last name and aligning with myself fully), which…

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