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The Beauty of Mourning ~ The Gift of Life AND Death

Waves of mourning abide with me. I cherish the many aspects of mourning a loss. Tania touches on this vulnerable topic none of us will escape. To all those going through loss, one of the facets of love is to experience loss. It’s humbling and all encompassing. Love you Tania and Nestor.

Tania Marie

On April 27th I celebrated the 8th anniversary of my beloved Nestor’s passing and during my time communing with her on our last day in Moab, Utah while hiking to Morning Glory Natural Bridge I asked for a message from her to share with others. This is what came through our connection via message and sound channeling, which was my way of honoring her, as well as sharing the profound wholeness our connection and the experience of physically losing her has gifted me. It’s our hope in some way it will be of support and help you with your own integrative journey through the experience of loss, sadness, and pain.

I first shared this earlier today via my May Newsletter, but given today’s experiences and some messages I received, I felt guided to post it tonight here.

It felt very vulnerable in sharing it and still does, but here it…

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Breaking Through & Bending Our Way to New Realities

So much depth and beauty to this post by Tania. Her journey is mirroring my own in many ways. All we need to do is say yes. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘

Tania Marie


As we sipped hot tea and listened to the sound of pouring rain this morning (which we’re doing again right now), I peered out from my desk and saw a blanket of fog between us and Arches National Park, just revealing the silhouette of the rocks, but covering the portal arches from sight – a veil between worlds emerged to allow only inner sight to lead us through to a new reality.


The power went out again this morning – the second time in three days – and the raging winds of change have turned to downpours of cleansing sky tears mirroring a time for more unplugging, reviewing, releasing, and readying for new actions.

At times it has felt like things weren’t happening, but a lot has been in very deep ways with old programming getting an upgrade.

One must come to terms with letting go AND letting in, not just…

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Growth Involves Contraction & Expansion

Yes, yes and more yes! Thank you Tania Marie!

Tania Marie


Our choices and growth cycles come with times of contraction, in order to create huge spurts of expansion.

Within the contracting may be pains, discomfort, facing fears, and feeling the challenges to their depths, but then that naturally comes with the counterparts to all of these, as we partner in the dance of life and make leaps forward, sideways, and ALL ways.

And this natural pulsing of going within, then emanates more largely with each cycle, as it begins to remember and experience the fullness of All That Is while still enjoying every unique expression within that Source field.


I’ve come to a place of vulnerability and being okay with making fumbles, stumbling, looking awkward as I grow, or saying something that makes no sense in my spiraling efforts to keep moving energy in order to flow into the next phase of my growth expansion and experience.

And while I…

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Being a Truth Mirror

This post from my dear friend Tania Marie speaks to all those that came into this life as the truth mirrors for others I just recently understood that I am one of these beings. It’s been challenging when I was in the dark of not realizing this most of life But now that I do it brings the puzzle pieces together in a profound way. To be a mirror is to be of service to humanity in a very unique and blessed way. As Tania speaks of it being a blessing it truly is. Also those who truly see you beyond the mirror reflection are special indeed and very appreciated. To some extent my love of animals and their love of me comes from them seeing beyond the mirror. There were many times in my life I said they are not seeing me Who are they seeing? It is their thoughts, their perspective, their beliefs that are being magnified. For many years it has felt like a lonely existence. Now as i have begun to integrate my understanding of this gift so much is expanding in my world. We each play our part in assisting one another to become who our soul knows we are. I am so thankful for this post by Tania and the discussion we had about this recently. Love to all who walk this path and those that encounter us.

Tania Marie

As I’ve been exploring Arches National Park in Utah and all of its window portals, I’ve been reflecting on how some people embody the energy of being walking mirrors for others in a deeply profound way.

True, we and all things are mirror reflections to learn from, but there are some souls that hold this energy in a dramatic way that can be challenging for both the person carrying it and those that experience it.

It is to you – the truth mirrors – that I share my loving support and this simple, quick message, knowing the challenges of this path, letting you know you are not alone and that your embodiment of this truth mirror is a powerful gift once recognized and embraced.

For a little background on how this video became inspired, you might find it interesting to read my previous post: Walking the Path of the Cosmic…

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Sync Winks and Faery Portals

I so enjoy Laura’s post on synchronicities and so much mre❤️

Laura Bruno's Blog

I’ve been having one of those days already, and it’s just 7:22 a.m.! Due to a combination of yesterday’s late afternoon chocolate, a hot upstairs, new fan and the sudden absence of our heavy comforter, I had trouble falling asleep last night. My intuition was screaming at me to use that excuse to read the Kindle version of Sharon Blackie’s “If Women Rose Rooted,” since I had downloaded it in Pennsylvania but not had a chance yet to begin reading it. My Kindle sat on the floor next to the bed taunting me all night, but for some reason, I refused to give up on sleep and read.

At one point, after about my fifth bathroom break, fan fiddle, and prowl around the upstairs, I decided to go downstairs, still sans Kindle, and turn the full house fan on with just a few minutes of AC. We have super steep…

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Java on the Rock is closing at the end of April, 2016…

Sorry to hear of its closing at this location. It’s a special place. When I lived in Kona in the late 70’s it was Huggo’s. Loved the location right on the water. Blessings to all. Good memories for Kauilapele.

Natural News 4-14-16… “Costco going all out for organic: You’re not going to believe the new initiative this retailer is taking”

Sharing. ❤️

Natural News 4-14-16… “Costco going all out for organic: You’re not going to believe the new initiative this retailer is taking”

Sharing. ❤️

Releasing the Crimson Dragon

Definitely am compelled to share this post from Tania. 😘😘😘😘😘

Tania Marie

To recap my last post for better understanding of how this sound channeling came to be, we were exploring the Dinosaur tracks yesterday and after doing a tuning in and receiving of the energy, I then encountered the Crimson Dragon.

I took my shoes off to feel the ground on my bare feet, as the dinosaurs would have, and laid back with my head to the ground and my hands palms down to the ground.

I received what ever wanted to come through…after a couple of minutes of some sporadic visions, I then saw what felt to be a Crimson Dragon behind some rocks and trapped – only parts of his head were visible to me.

He peered through a small opening at me with his golden eyes with black slits in the center.

He was huge. I wondered at first if it could have been a Dinosaur, but no…

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Fairy Tree Burial


Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

september 2011 bealtaine cottage 012An ancient land, old superstitions and human burial are all part of this intriguing story of love and rejection.

May blossom at Bealtaine CottageJoin me as I recount the story of The Fairy Tree and what lies beneath…

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