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Sorry to hear of its closing at this location. It’s a special place. When I lived in Kona in the late 70’s it was Huggo’s. Loved the location right on the water. Blessings to all. Good memories for Kauilapele.

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java_on_the_rock_snip_with_mug The Java on the Rock mocha

I had resisted mentioned anything on the blog about Java on the Rock closing, until I was sure it was really going to happen. Their last day of operation is 4-30-16.

Actually, they are moving to another location, probably where Lava Java is currently (they are moving to a nearby building). It’s across the street from where the cafe is currently. As I understand it, the owners of the property (Huggo’s) terminated their lease. They had been there since 1999, the year I arrived in Kona.

Java on the Rock has been a very important and healing place for me for the past several years, and an important part of this blog. Although they will be opening in another location nearby, it will never be quite the same here in Kona without them at their oceanside spot.

Below is an email message about this…

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