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Being a Truth Mirror

This post from my dear friend Tania Marie speaks to all those that came into this life as the truth mirrors for others I just recently understood that I am one of these beings. It’s been challenging when I was in the dark of not realizing this most of life But now that I do it brings the puzzle pieces together in a profound way. To be a mirror is to be of service to humanity in a very unique and blessed way. As Tania speaks of it being a blessing it truly is. Also those who truly see you beyond the mirror reflection are special indeed and very appreciated. To some extent my love of animals and their love of me comes from them seeing beyond the mirror. There were many times in my life I said they are not seeing me Who are they seeing? It is their thoughts, their perspective, their beliefs that are being magnified. For many years it has felt like a lonely existence. Now as i have begun to integrate my understanding of this gift so much is expanding in my world. We each play our part in assisting one another to become who our soul knows we are. I am so thankful for this post by Tania and the discussion we had about this recently. Love to all who walk this path and those that encounter us.

Tania Marie's Blog

As I’ve been exploring Arches National Park in Utah and all of its window portals, I’ve been reflecting on how some people embody the energy of being walking mirrors for others in a deeply profound way.

True, we and all things are mirror reflections to learn from, but there are some souls that hold this energy in a dramatic way that can be challenging for both the person carrying it and those that experience it.

It is to you – the truth mirrors – that I share my loving support and this simple, quick message, knowing the challenges of this path, letting you know you are not alone and that your embodiment of this truth mirror is a powerful gift once recognized and embraced.

For a little background on how this video became inspired, you might find it interesting to read my previous post: Walking the Path of the Cosmic…

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  1. thought i’d repost my comment here: i love all of your extra personal insights on this dawn…and i love you. thank you for embodying this energy and being of service to the collective.❤

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    • I can’t tell you what a gift it was for me to share with you this aspect of ourselves. I know this post from for others is a gift too. Maybe it will just click for someone and in an instant like it was for me it set so much upright. You are a blessing. Love you

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