Where Innocence and Joy Reside

Loving the post by Tania Marie. She has posted some exquisite photos. The one that caught my eye was the one with the more black looking horse. There’s a burned stump in the picture but it reminded me of a raven looking on. Also enjoyed the tree blowing them a kiss goodbye. The sweetness of life and the divine mother energy.

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close up dwelling

We spent our last, blessing filled day here in Mesa Verde National Park, yesterday, exploring 6 miles of walking trails on Wetherill Mesa that lead to various ancient ruins and as we wandered we were greeted by wild horses, ravens, giant fuzzy caterpillars, red-tailed hawk, mule deer, and even a mountain lion. Walking through both forest fire and Juniper and blossom filled areas we got to experience Badger House Community, Two Raven House, Kodak House Overlook, Long House Overlook, Nordenskiold Site #16, and more.


The weather shifted back and forth between cold rain and wind and hot sun and clear skies, having us layered up and then looking like pack mules with our layers wrapped around us along with our packs and water.


At times walking through the burned forest with no one in sight, not a sound, and ancient ruins around us, I felt like we were the last people…

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Comments on: "A Rich Farewell of Honoring the Divine & Ancient Mother Within Us All" (2)

  1. the place is amazing… my neighbor is the tour director there an
    says ya got to see the place at least once in ur lifetime, reminds me to do a mesa verde post is dat time of the year here…definitely werth the visit , every minute i spend there i am taken back in time ……..peace-out……..Q

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