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Solstice Musings

Solstice blessings to all and a special blessing to The amazing Laura. Much love. Provocative possibilities. As Laura mentions worthwhile to read the comments for each

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I’ve been quiet on the blog, spending much more time outdoors and within my own readings (books, phone sessions and Otherworldly contact), but in light of the transient nature of another turn of the Wheel of the Year, I thought I’d post these two essays synchronously brought to my attention by reader Cindy. Both are by Aidan Wachter. Though written in 2014, they seem quite timely with all the talk of timelines, as well as the special permeability of the eight spokes on the Wheel. These essays go together, and the comments are worth reading, too:

“Waking up in Another World”

“There Are Doors”

Solstice Blessings to you — whether Summer up North, or Winter Down Under!

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The GMO Big Lie dies on the vine

Jon uses some strong words. Yet I agree with everything he shares here

RT 6-17-16… “Native Hawaiians protest ‘illegal annexation’” VIDEO


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Word is getting around, even to Washington D.C., that the so-called “annexation” of the Kingdom of Hawai’i was illegal. This is from a group in DC, but I know there are groups all over the world which try to inform people about this fact. This appeared on RT America.

And of course, it is not just “Native Hawaiians” (those with Hawaiian bloodline) who are involved with this, but people of all races and colors who see the wrongness of the whole thing called, “annexation”.

Published on Jun 17, 2016

A group of indigenous Hawaiians held a rally in Washington, DC to protest what they call the “illegal annexation” of Hawaii. In 1897, the Queen of Hawaii sent a letter to the US State Department protesting the annexation, but it was never answered. RT America’s Manila Chan reports on the calls from native Hawaiians for the US to “de-occupy”…

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Underground Reporter 6-15-16… “Brazil Has Now Refused All Imports of U.S.-Grown Genetically-Modified Crops”


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Underground_Reporter_banner_1Whether the big corporations like it or not, GMOs are being rejected all over the planet. Eventually, the USA (Republic) will be free of them as well.

“The list of countries refusing Monsanto’s genetically-modified crops continues to grow. Highlighting the world divide on the issue, Brazil recently refused all U.S.-grown GM crops. While we are continually force-fed genetically modified foods — since they are in approximately 80 percent of all packaged, conventional foods in grocery stores in America — other countries are refusing to import them, grow them, or sell them within their borders… more nations [are passing] laws that impose trade regulations on genetically modified goods, despite World Trade Organization back room deals…

“In recent years, some of the largest commodity trading companies have refused to take certain GMO crops from farmers because the seeds used hadn’t received a full array of global approvals, something that can lead to…

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Big Shifts and Timeline Splits

So enjoyed Laura’s nods at what is happening right now and the tools we have a the tip of our fingers. Such a surreal landscape. So much Magick afoot to tap into and yet on the other side of the spectrum so much absurdity to say the least. Always cherish Laura’s posts v

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I’ve been too busy to post — teaching, doing sessions, gardening and re-creating, and hoo-boy, I’m feeling and witnessing the shifts! On both individual and collective levels timelines are splitting on the basis of resonance and choice. It’s truly bizarre watching some of the choices not to shift, as some of them have become hilariously obvious.

You really can’t make this stuff up. Or at least, if you made it up in a work of fiction, people would accuse you of padding the plot, using stock characters, or making themes too cliched and overly symbolic. Yet here we are. The Gemini in me dearly wishes I could share details, because they’re so funny, absurd and just downright weird … and in so many areas … but these are not my own details to share. Even the ones that are mine are linked into too many others whose lives don’t permit…

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Natural News 6-13-16… “Winning! Majority of adults now reject government’s pro-vaccine narrative”

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natural_news_logo_21As consciousness and awareness rises, we are now seeing the outer signs of it, particularly regarding GMOs and vaccines. “Sorry, DCs*… propaganda ain’t working no more!”

“A CDC report entitled “Surveillance of Vaccination Coverage Among Adult Populations – United States, 2014” breaks down the percentages of people getting immunizations, and they note that the numbers have not been improving in recent years. The report states: “Despite longstanding recommendations for use of many vaccines, vaccination coverage among U.S. adults is low.”

Flu vaccine… The report states that only 43 percent of adults opted to get the flu vaccine… Shingles vaccine… The shingles vaccine has a very low uptake, with just 28 percent of people aged 60 or older getting the shot… Hepatitis vaccines… The Hepatitis A vaccine is one of the least popular, with just 9 percent of adults getting it, while just 24 percent were willing…

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Invisible microparticles in food can deliver vaccines, drugs

This technology has been around for at least 10 years. Implications and inferences are troubling to say the least.

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