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natural_news_logo_21As consciousness and awareness rises, we are now seeing the outer signs of it, particularly regarding GMOs and vaccines. “Sorry, DCs*… propaganda ain’t working no more!”

“A CDC report entitled “Surveillance of Vaccination Coverage Among Adult Populations – United States, 2014” breaks down the percentages of people getting immunizations, and they note that the numbers have not been improving in recent years. The report states: “Despite longstanding recommendations for use of many vaccines, vaccination coverage among U.S. adults is low.”

Flu vaccine… The report states that only 43 percent of adults opted to get the flu vaccine… Shingles vaccine… The shingles vaccine has a very low uptake, with just 28 percent of people aged 60 or older getting the shot… Hepatitis vaccines… The Hepatitis A vaccine is one of the least popular, with just 9 percent of adults getting it, while just 24 percent were willing…

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