Where Innocence and Joy Reside

About six months ago I felt overwhelmed by grief and death.  It was so palpable that it felt difficult to breathe. Death was surrounding me in one shape or form.  I felt inundated by sadness and was struggling to make my way through it. I had a power animal that came to me in the form of a young bison. He told me he could help me through the feelings I had. He said he knew of death. His whole kind did. He showed me a picture of the prairie filled with dead bison and then sweetly said I can help. He had a bouquet of wild flowers in his paws for me. It was such a moving experience one I’ll never forget and I will always be grateful for.

I realized just recently on a walk with Java, my best buddy and furry companion that I no longer felt that oppressing sense of death. My power animal came to me again at that moment. He confirmed I understood now what he had shared. He said the bison didn’t know how to be anything but bison. So they continued being despite everything so sad that happened. By doing that and sharing their being and their ancient wisdom and medicine they came through it all. I realized right then it was all about continuing to be love  in all its facets while allowing the grief and sadness to move through. By doing that it supported my journey and healing. I was and am so grateful for this wisdom.

i was sharing this story with a dear friend of mine and she pointed out that I too was assisting the bison in moving beyond all their loss as well by reflecting back what they had shared with me.  By being active in my live and taking care  to move through such experiences not by denying that they exist or pretending to put on a happy face or by hiding in solitude but by being a part and connection to all that is each and every day while I heal.

It’s a beautiful life and I so appreciate my power animal the young bison who held a bouquet of flowers out to me (compassion, kindness, knowing and love.




Comments on: "My Young Bison with a Bouquet" (6)

  1. beautiful share…i love this story and how you and the bison have assisted one another and now together are assisting the collective with your healing journey and vulnerable sharing. love you dearly and grateful for your readiness to openly embrace the unfolding process. ❤

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  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature said:

    Beautiful share, Dawn.

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