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August 2016 Specials and September Reiki 1 Class

Sharing these opportunities by my incredible Reiki teacher, medical intuitive and all around amazing healer Laura Bruno. I know many people shifting in leaps and bounds right now needing support. There are also a number of people wrestling to hold on physically and/or mentally/emotionally. Right now it runs the gamut. Some beautiful offerings from Dear Laura

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Due to multiple requests and my own intuitive leading, I’ve decided to extend the July 2016 Specials another month. Many people feel the need for ongoing support as they make huge shifts during this intense time period. I’ve also noticed an uptick in bizarre brushes with death and reminders of the very thin skin between what Starhawk calls El Mundo Bueno and El Mundo Malo. Most people I know have managed to embrace intuition and turn the life or death scenarios into something positive and strengthening; however, the frequency of these events even among people “on path” has convinced me that now remains an excellent time for Intuitive Preparedness.

Please also note the September 10, 2016 date for Reiki 1 Certification in Goshen, IN. There is currently a wait list for overnight housing at Haus Am See, but we do still have plenty of room for students in…

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