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Good info from Laura Bruno. Just started to read but want to get it out there

Laura Bruno's Blog

I received this link from both Natural News and my outraged mom, and I thought I’d share what I wrote to her, plus a couple additions. Here’s the original outrageous story: “Watch out: Florida residents being fined for growing vegetables on their own property.”

My response to my mom:

That is why we are purposely avoiding HOA’s when looking for a place, and also insisting it has a sunny backyard. I will grow edibles up front, but they will be stealth, like fruit trees and edible flowers and herbs.

In Goshen, I fought very hard to have it included in our City Plan from 2014-2024 to encourage front yard gardens instead of lawns and to protect the rights of people trying to live off-grid. Florida and California are the worst in terms of code enforcement. They have forced people back onto the electric and water grid even if they are…

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