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Sharing. Thanks for this compilation on articles re vaccinations KP

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vaccine_disease_outbreaks_world_map Those countries where vaccines are given routinely or forced upon children and their parents, often under threat of law, experience the lion’s share of communicable diseases. (Sott.net)

I’ve not had any kind of vaccination for a couple decades now. No flu shots, no anti-zika shots, no anti-H1N1 shots, no anti-bird-flu shots. And have I contracted any of those? No.

And as my (rarely visited) allopathic (Western-style) doctor tried once again to assure me that a flu and pneumonia vaccine was absolutely made for someone like me (and I, of course, refused), I felt it was time to just take a quick look again at a few articles about those things. It was sparked by the first one posted below, and then I went to Natural News and checked out a few more.

This blog did post one article in the past which showed that the more vaccinated countries…

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