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I know these dear women and have met Tania’s Dave and hope to meet Laura’s David at some point. Always enjoy with devilish delight your adventures in person or apart. That was a very intense Equinox. I had started my first trip in my RV since I retired. I was heading from Arizona to Californua to visit my kids and grandkids as well as a dear friend. About 45 mins east of our destination to camp that night me and my dear friend Java (my sweet furbaby) hit a sand/windstorm where we had to pull over. We stayed till it seemed to start to clear up. Then we got on the road again. About 15 mins later we were in whiteout conditions from the same sand storm again but with no where to go. I prayed and white knuckled it there for a half hour. When we finally pulled in I was a little worn out at that point. But checked in and was ready to go to our pull through. I backed up and hit a telephone pole that could not see from either mirrors. Needless to say I was glad it crunched the ladder on the back and not the siding. Once I was all set up and we nestled in I laid in bed. For almost two hours I felt like I was floating in the ocean or a water bed. It was very pleasant yet so surreal. Then it stopped and I dozed off to sleep. Thank you Laura for the mention in your post. Oxox

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Best friend and faery twin Tania Marie and I are never apart in spirit. We keep in nearly constant touch via anything from texts to telepathy, and even if we have longer times without contact, we find our lives have either synchronously paralleled or gone into exactly opposite complementary experiences. Our own mothers have mixed us up in photographs, and our lives really do seem like those stories of twins separated at birth.

We both have our North Nodes (Destiny) in Capricorn, and we both have David’s/Dave’s with Cancer North Nodes. We’re roughly the same size and height, and our haircuts seem to parallel each other. Tania’s a two-fish Pisces, and I’m a twin Gemini. Tania has a special needs bunny, and I have a special needs yard. When Tania and her Dave downsized last year to start full time RV living, I simultaneously upsized by renting the house next…

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Comments on: "Tania Marie and Me: Equinox Visit and Cosmic Adventures with Our D’s ~ Part 1" (1)

  1. so happy you and java made it through the sand storms too, while we were navigating the floods! crazy times!! also glad your rv is ok and only the ladder got crunched. that’s the challenge with these rv’s in having blind spots. hopefully you can travel in lighter conditions to help navigate. thank you for sharing your synchronous experiences along the way. woo! big shifts and big love!! thinking of you while we both travel onward. xoox!

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