Where Innocence and Joy Reside

A story of compassionate love, unfoldment, trust and unconditional love by Sweet Tania Marie and her love bug bunny Cosmo.

Cosmo the KING So much love to you all

Tania Marie


Many of you have so lovingly been following along and sharing your support for our dear Cosmo over the past nearly 2 years that I wanted to take the time to share about his recent transition, but most importantly to be his voice with the message he has imparted. This is my gift to him to support the completion of his mission here on Earth and the last piece of his path he wanted as the tie-in to his departure. Although he will continue on with other missions in his eternal form, he has been a constant source of ever-giving love in a way most rare to experience from anyone, let alone a magickal rabbit.

I’ll begin by backing up a bit to share recent unfoldings that have led to this, before concluding with that message, as all pieces are relevant to grasping a deeper understanding of the message.


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Comments on: "Cosmo’s Message & Mission ~ A Journey of Greatest Compassion" (3)

  1. thank you dear friend for being a part of our lives, for sharing your love and support during our challenging times, and being there in all ways. thank you also for sharing cosmo’s message. we love you! ❤


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