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Without Vision …

Vision has been something I have been working with metaphysically on a number of levels. Doing some deep internal work and housecleaning

Here’s a timely and synchronous post regarding vision

May our sight be based in love

Sophia's Children

“Without vision, the people perish.”

Spiral Path in Stained Glass. Public domain image courtesy of Pixabay. Spiral Path in Stained Glass. Public domain image courtesy of Pixabay.

Most of us, maybe all of us,have experienced those times of vision-drought, times of vision-bounty, and those times of being in-between.

Or those times of “vision shakeup” — something that has happened recently for quite a few people.

In recent weeks, such a vision-shakeup stirred up an intense confusion and even dejection or despair for many among us.*

I know that I’ve surely crossed through the terrainsI’ll write about here: deserts and forests; oases and mirages; lush places, and those that felt bone-dry.

We Journey Through Many Landscapes …

To be given a sense of vision is to be guided, inspired, energized, and expanded. To have the eyes of the heart and soul lifted to a worthy horizon.

Such a vision can shift our perception quickly.It can seem…

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  1. May it be so, Dawn! Thank you for sharing this musing with your readers, too. Blessings, Jamie

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