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As we usher in 2017, destiny dances on the head of an Obama/Putin pirouette — Exopermaculture

What’s really going on.

A New Moon & A New You

Sharing from sweet Tania Marie. I celebrate her and the ways she has found that shines her best and brightest self. By reading this post Tania also gives very defined steps on how she came to the place she is in her life and all that she has to look forward to. I for one eat these up. It’s a map for me to emulate. Even though my path isn’t the same it’s a guide to discover and integrate the life you so desire. Where you are thriving on all levels.

As Tania shares it was a huge year for changes. I am blessed to be one of those people that can flow for the most part with change and enjoy it. It invigorates my life. If you are not one who change comes easily to it’s been challenging. I hope it becomes easier for everyone to embrace the change. To me it really is about life taking you where you were meant to be. 

Just as Tania saw her bunny loves transition and played an active role in that phase, I too saw my Jadey girl kitty transition and I am now in the midst of spending what time my Java boy has left prior to his transition. We do what we can each and every moment to make it special, loving and conscious.

 I am very clear that our next phase of life (each of us) together yet not physically is exactly what and when it was meant to be. I took an early retirement this year, purchased an RV and Java and I began to take trips. We made two trips. now we are home honoring our connection and our mutual love together before he transitions. 

This year has been incredible and yet it is just the beginning. I look forward to embracing and connecting with the real me. Reflecting all that that is.  

Love to all

Tania Marie

With today’s New Moon in Capricorn – the last of the year before we welcome in 2017 – I wanted to pause a moment to share how so much has shifted this year for me in terms of the structures and “routines” of my life, which Capricorn energy focuses much upon. While the energies abound also place focus on a time of review, rest, and nurturing of your own inner needs, Capricorn will assist with how to harness these in a responsibly resonant way that reflects who you are and the path of intents you are activating in your life.

This will involve honestly looking at the intricate details of how you’ve been living your life, how you go about your daily processes, your approach to life, and the amount of energy and time you extend to all things including, but most importantly – you.

Who are you?

Are you…

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PressTV 12-26-16… “US backs terrorists ‘to disrupt a country’: Jill Stein”

Sharing. I don’t want the taxes I pay subsidizing these types of ventures. I am happy to see light and truth coming out

Our Christmas Away & the Many Returns it Gifted

What a joyful post of Tania Marie’s holiday adventures. We can all live this way. Live in the energy of love, appreciation, gratitude, childlike innocence and wonder, joy and Magick. Oxox love you T

Tania Marie


I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend in whatever perfect way resonated with your heart and aligned with your own beliefs and life intents. We were away to celebrate with family and even had the chance to touch in with some friends during our whirlwind weekend. And although brief, it was fully packed with beautiful experiences around every corner. It truly couldn’t have been more perfect and nurturing on many layers, not to mention confirming for me on equally varied levels.

From the moment we arrived it was nonstop enchantment and I felt so supported, as well as supporting, by and to others, as well as from the powers that be.


Our home-away-from-home Airbnb (which the kitty babies loved too) was a small creek side cottage in eclectic Topanga Canyon, which was very rustic and also quite enchanting with magickal touches like a storybook wardrobe staircase up to the cozy…

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Volcanic Activity Increase – Preparedness Assists In Calmness

Thank you Dutchsinse

James Gilliland “Buckle Your Spiritual Seat Belts… another major energy wave on its way peaking 12.28”

There looks to be another energy wave coming in and peaking today. Stay grounded and centered as best as possible. Take care of yourselves. Be aware of those who are struggling. ❤

LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN: “A Little About RelationShifts…”

This so resonates with me and many I know. Thank you fir sharing

James Gilliland Eceti.org 12-23-16… “Ascension Wave, Transdimensional War, Days to Come”

Sharing more info on what is being suggested here as an accession wave from earlier this week. Thank you K and James Gilliand.

Golden Year 2017 – Year of the Phoenix Rising

The World Today – Teal Swan and Lee Harris Interview – 12-21-16 — dreamweaver333

I enjoyed watching the two energies of Lee and Teal address what has been the themes of 2016 and the upcoming year of 2017. There are some practical tips and advice for moving through things as well of spiritual seeming contradictions.    Hope you find helpful💜

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