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There looks to be another energy wave coming in and peaking today. Stay grounded and centered as best as possible. Take care of yourselves. Be aware of those who are struggling. ❤

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james_gilliland_with_eceti_logo_240_5This one came out today. It looks like this energy wave is increasing and increasing. So I felt this latest James could be helpful to many.

“We’ve been receiving emails and texts from lots of you in the ECETI Community are noticing people around them are “losing it” a little. And those of us that are on our journey may be experiencing body pain, nausea, the collective grief and exhaustion…and then the hits of BLISS!… there’s more to come!

“Blaji – the 7th Dimensional Master Teacher communicating from 2 million years in the future – shared with James that on December 28th there will be another peak of this powerful transformative energy wave. So, fasten your spiritual seat belts, take care of yourselves and hold space for those around you who are not yet awake…”


Buckle Your Spiritual Seat Belts… another major energy wave on its way peaking 12.28

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