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A New Moon & A New You

Sharing from sweet Tania Marie. I celebrate her and the ways she has found that shines her best and brightest self. By reading this post Tania also gives very defined steps on how she came to the place she is in her life and all that she has to look forward to. I for one eat these up. It’s a map for me to emulate. Even though my path isn’t the same it’s a guide to discover and integrate the life you so desire. Where you are thriving on all levels.

As Tania shares it was a huge year for changes. I am blessed to be one of those people that can flow for the most part with change and enjoy it. It invigorates my life. If you are not one who change comes easily to it’s been challenging. I hope it becomes easier for everyone to embrace the change. To me it really is about life taking you where you were meant to be. 

Just as Tania saw her bunny loves transition and played an active role in that phase, I too saw my Jadey girl kitty transition and I am now in the midst of spending what time my Java boy has left prior to his transition. We do what we can each and every moment to make it special, loving and conscious.

 I am very clear that our next phase of life (each of us) together yet not physically is exactly what and when it was meant to be. I took an early retirement this year, purchased an RV and Java and I began to take trips. We made two trips. now we are home honoring our connection and our mutual love together before he transitions. 

This year has been incredible and yet it is just the beginning. I look forward to embracing and connecting with the real me. Reflecting all that that is.  

Love to all

Tania Marie's Blog

With today’s New Moon in Capricorn – the last of the year before we welcome in 2017 – I wanted to pause a moment to share how so much has shifted this year for me in terms of the structures and “routines” of my life, which Capricorn energy focuses much upon. While the energies abound also place focus on a time of review, rest, and nurturing of your own inner needs, Capricorn will assist with how to harness these in a responsibly resonant way that reflects who you are and the path of intents you are activating in your life.

This will involve honestly looking at the intricate details of how you’ve been living your life, how you go about your daily processes, your approach to life, and the amount of energy and time you extend to all things including, but most importantly – you.

Who are you?

Are you…

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  1. i shared this in reply to your message on my blog and wanted to share it here as well for others: i so love the additions and especially your own reflections about your experiences this year … we have definitely been riding similar waves each in our own way and are fortunate for how we embrace change, as not all have that fluidity with it. you have had an amazingly profound year as well and i am so in honor and awe of all that you have embraced and moved through with such grace. love you dearly and grateful we are able to be there for each other through these transformations shared.❤ beautifully shared from your heart as always you do.


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