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Support & Perspective for Those of You Have Chosen a Different Way

So much here to bathe in. So many layers just as the layers of clouds over your magickal Lake Tahoe. When I read your post this morning about the cloud layer still being in place there I felt and thought about how it described so much in artistic terms (big surprise😚) what seems to be happening right now in our country especially. I was challenged by this initially, what am I going to do, how do I feel about all this, what’s really going to help? So many questions. What I finally discovered is that I really don’t have a clue if anything being stated by anyone is actually true. And if that’s the case, what now? As an empath, as someone in the healing arts, a mom and grandmother, an appreciator of beauty in all forms what would serve myself and others best is to stay as focused as I possibly can in proceeding forward with my work that involves animals and the earth. To also be the best person I can possibly be. And by honoring myself and respecting myself I keep at my own healing and expanding. The day of the women’s march I felt absolutely no pull to that from my soul but I know and love many that did. That was right for them. What was right for me was to be home and spend quality time with my very best friend Java my beloved dog companion who is in the last few months of his life. I celebrate the beauty of who he is, our relationship and all that he has taught me. That elevates me and in so doing elevates in ripples surrounding me. I don’t know what’s right or wrong. I don’t have answers about all things of the world. But I am fairly clear on what I would like to see and that’s what I’m working towards and at the same time diligently maintaining my own light and reflection. Mine is similar to yours Tania which is maintains my childlike wonder and joy in all of my life. Being curious and fascinated to learn about whatever comes to me. I appreciate you so in sharing this. Even if you do have all those “scary tattoos”. Lol. My next one is coming soon. Haha. Love you

Tania Marie

I don’t get involved in the energetic dynamics at work in the world right now like others do, remaining mostly silent in words but loud in frequency, and that might be judged by some, thought to be a misuse of my freedoms, completely denied as valid to how I go about things, or simply that I’m crazy and ignorant. To all of that I smile and hold my position even stronger. I don’t attempt to hold answers, nor to judge others for their own positions. And mostly I find myself working with energy when others engage their conversations, or may present questions to invite curiosity, which engages the creative powers and activates something deeper and latent within.

Today two interesting posts popped up that I feel guided to combine some pieces of the shares and my comments on, in case anyone has interest in “some” of my perspective or feels…

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Quick Updates and Tree Love

This is such a feel good post by Laura, I happily reblog it with a toe tapping beat

Laura Bruno's Blog

Just a few updates on a sunshine and snow filled day!

It’s Good to be Alive, Right About Now

For most people I know, 2017 got off to a slow start, but then the forward momentum snapped like a rubber band. Lots of people, myself included, started new creative projects, and others have redecorated or embraced cleaner, higher vibration foods, as well as new exercise programs. I’ve lost track of how many people started rebounding after I wrote about it in my “Shaking Up the Energies” post. Bouncing, especially to fun and/or sacred music, really does get that lymph flowing and gives stagnation the old heave-ho.

The following Andy Grammer song sums up the shift of energies for so many people, and, coincidentally, this would be great for some dance-rebounding. 😉

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Ode to the Rooster

That was an amazing share. I loved both your stories and how they so beautifully connected and tied into one another. Interwoven to make it even more profound than what initially felt it to be. Thank you so much. I even felt the loss of your dear Anasazi So touching The connection to the year of the rooster inspires more hope within.

The Druid's Garden

The Chinese New Year is being celebrated now, and it is once again the Year of the Rooster. I see this as a tremendously positive and powerful sign–a message of light and hope in this time of darkness. In honor of the rooster, I offer two stories that demonstrate how powerful and protective the rooster is–and how the rooster’s energy this year can lend us power and strength to drive back the darkness.  So now, pull up a chair by the fire, and hear two stories of roosters and their magic. One is a story I’ve been wanting to tell for several years, and the other is a more recent tale.

Painting of Anasazi Rooster Painting of Anasazi Rooster

As I mentioned a few blog posts ago, a group of us held an all night vigil for the winter solstice.  This is not an easy ritual–its about 15 hours of darkness, in the…

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Leda de Zwann: How to Heal Your Inner Child…

Very good info on working with your inner child. Thank you Leda for the post and Eliza for the reblog

Energy Update: Divine Action & Major Collective Healing

I’m so thankful for Lee Harris. To me he is the calm in the storm. Tania Marie posted with her thoughtful comments before I saw that this was out. Yay!

Tania Marie

I agree with Linda of Litebeing Chronicles that this Energy Update from Lee Harris expresses important key dynamics and perspectives for personal and collective understanding and change in these now times. Finding YOUR balance is key, regardless of the imbalances experienced abound. As Lee shares, nothing can be guaranteed in terms of outcome in any way, but you CAN shift your own experience of things with your own relative and conscious actions. And like many of us have been sharing, you CAN create your own reality. Perhaps, as Lee shares, it’s time to invite yourself into your OWN NEW PARADIGM. I only ever share that which feels resonant and in consistent alignment with my own perspectives. Maybe this will have resonance for you.

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New Administration Seems Poised To Take Action Against Crippling Traded Deals TTP & NAFTA

If this turns out to be true with actions backing up words than this is really good for so many reasons.


Zy Marquiez
January 22, 2017

Recently, on the White House website, the new administration has laid out the main issues it is planning to address soon.

One of these issues in particular, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership [TPP] is front and center among the changes supposedly planned.

The TPP deal has been the recipient of heavy backlash, and with good reason.  Not only was the deal negotiated in secret, as some of you might know, but it would also have crippling effects on the US economy due to enormous job loss, as well as other reasons.

Also of note is the fact that North American Free Trade Agreement [NAFTA] is going to be renegotiated, if possible, and for the very same reasons.

Because of this, and additional reasons, the new administration’s strategy is to start:

“…by withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and making certain that any new trade deals…

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Exopermaculture: Women’s March – But What is Beneath the Feminism?


Watching major media commit suicide

This a long piece by Jon but worth the read. It’s all about the MSM fake news and it’s final demise. It’s about time

Energy Update ~ Amplified Energies Rollin’ In! Manifesting is Crazy Right Now ~ Jan. 18, 2017

Feeling this to be true. If time. I’m experiencing it as well as others I know. Even if you’re not sure your ready I’d say do it anyway.

Rose Rambles...


By Molly McCord, 01/18/2017

Buckle up, buttercups.

The fast moving energies of 2017 are officially rollin’ in, and time is going to go faster than you thought possible!

I get the visual of a huge new overlay of 5D energies pouring down over 3D energies, invigorating us with fresh cosmic downloads that are assisting us all in raising our individual vibrations in order to raise the collective vibration. We have entered a new paradigm of faster moving energies to support our ascension, growth, healing, expansion, and manifesting abilities.

Have you been feeling it or seeing it in your world? These are the higher 5D energies that are lifting us UP and OUT of the typical 3D timelines and placing us in the dimension of NO time = things just show up, in an instant!

Energies are lining up with our intentions LIKE THAT with very little time to waste. We…

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Kp Message 1-15-17… “Expect the (completely) Unexpected”

Feeling this as well. Talked to others that are sensing it as well. Keeping centered and grounded and holding the higher frequencies is what I will be doing.

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