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FAQ: What Kind of Coaching Do You Provide?

Sharing from Laura Bruno regarding her Life Coaching offerings

Laura Bruno's Blog

I don’t know if it’s that fresh 2017 energy or the January Special, but lately I’ve received multiple requests to clarify what I offer in terms of Life Coaching. After answering so many people at the end of intuitive sessions, I decided to expand and clarify the coaching description on my site. For anyone else wondering, here’s more information:

Life Coaching can closely focus on one particular issue or life transition, or it can morph into more of a mentorship on personal energy management, living a more magical and inspired life, building or increasing your own business, improving people skills, finding and living a compatible lifestyle for you, managing and moving beyond Lyme disease, discovering and developing your soul’s gifts, and/or enhancing creativity and intuition. I also provide coaching for other life coaches, intuitives and energy healers looking to improve skills and tailor their own offerings for their own…

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Ten basic forms of fake news used by major media

I totally agree with this post by Jon Rappaport. Especially points 11 and 12☺

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