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I totally agree with this post by Jon Rappaport. Especially points 11 and 12☺

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Ten basic forms of fake news used by major media

by Jon Rappoport

January 5, 2017

The basic purpose of these ten forms is the presentation of a false picture of reality.

You could find more forms, or divide these ten into sub-categories.

The ten basic forms are:

* Direct lying about matters of fact.

* Leaving out vital information.

* Limited hangout. (This is an admission of a crime or a mistake, which only partially reveals the whole truth. The idea is that by admitting a fraction of what really happened and burying the biggest revelations, people will be satisfied and go away, and the story will never be covered again.)

* Shutting down the truth after publishing it—includes failing to follow up and investigate a story more deeply.

* Not connecting dots between important pieces of data.

* Censoring the truth, wherever it is found (or calling it…

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Comments on: "Ten basic forms of fake news used by major media" (1)

  1. When surrounded by the insincere and the confused the best rebuttal is to as gently as possible point out the error of their ways. Just one look at Obama these days makes one thing obvious – he is being frightened by people in the background who wield a lot of misplaced power.


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