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An absolute must share from Tania Marie. Incomparable fabric of connection and beauty of life. Deeply moving. And incredibly Magickal.

Tania Marie

20170106_122720_resized.jpgTwo nights ago this precious soul’s journey became entwined with mine. Fiver is his name, which immediately came to me when I embraced my role as his guardian, caregiver, and bridge worker to support his soul’s choices. The name, Fiver, comes from a favorite story of mine – Watership Down – the name of a fragile, but powerfully gifted rabbit with psychic insight who initiates the journey of his fellow rabbits of the warren to their safety and freedom with his gift of vision and sixth sense. Five also happens to be my favorite number since I was a child and the energy it carries of big, swift, and sometimes surprisingly good change is fitting.

Very unfortunately Fiver became badly injured by our cats, but I managed to save him in the middle of the night when I woke and knew what was going on. It was not the first…

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To All Light-Workers: What A Rough Start To 2017’s (1) Energy & The Crazy Events, The Situations, The Symptoms That Have Come Along For The Ride.

I found this post to be fairly accurate and I so appreciate it. As mentioned everyone’s experiences are different though. The one thing that has really come to the forefront to me is that we are there to help others that don’t realize what’s happening to them. This post does  that. The fear of not knowing what is happening and pushing yourself to go about your life as usual can be extremely hard on you. The fear of what is happening to you and you having no context could send people down paths that they would not chose to go.

Although I know we can ask for help from Spirit to aid us with these downloads and what comes from them to be easy on our bodies, that might not always be the case.

Around New Years I wasn’t sure if I would physically make it through even with all the tools at my disposal. There was an initial panic but once I calmed my self and said ok, here we go you either will make it through or you won’t.  I was calm. But this one affected me like no other. I had what appeared to be bronchitis and pneumonia, then my heart was being affected in a huge way. For almost 5 days it felt like it was beating out of my chest constantly to where it was hard for.me to breathe or even move. I wasn’t sure my heart would be able to take it physically but as I said I pulled everything out of my energetic tool bag. By the end of 5 days I was significantly better.

We are in times that people have never experienced anything like this before and where Nature is a huge help.   If at all possible spend time in nature every day. Even if that means a walk around the neighborhood or just sitting out in your yard. Rest, drink lots of water, eat as well as you can. Self care is extremely important and keeping an eye out for those close to you as well. Much love. We can do this. One way or another.

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