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Cancer Full Moon’s Invitation to Emotional Wholeness & an End to Suffering

Sharing this post of wisdom and sharing from Tania Marie. She shines a spotlight on the focal points for this full moon. We still have a few days to embrace this energy

Tania Marie

With Cancer Full Moon energies abound, the thing that stands out most to me is a focus on the emotions and emotional field and the very subtle and loud messages that have been trying to get our attention here. There’s this huge potential for immense opportunity or major challenge that can manifest as a critical point – in either case a turning of the tides is at hand by vulnerably and transparently embracing the flow of your watery depths and being honest with where your resistance, denial, repression, defiance, defense, and refusal is so that you can make those breakthroughs.

This calls to mind something I recently read that feels in alignment with this and important to share.

It speaks to “suffering” and the language and dialogue, not to mention beliefs, we use daily to keep us small, victimized, martyred, sabotaged, excused from responsibility, and/or in a continuous spiral of…

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