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Waves from Kona Haven Coffee…!


Finding Our Way

Sharing this thoughtful and timely blog post from Laura Bruno. I had made a comment earlier today on a FB post I had shared about all those that will be marching and/or protesting. My sense is that of course they should if they feel guided to do so yet at the same time make sure that it is approached in a peaceful way, and if they feel it is turning anything other than peaceful make sure to extricate themselves for their own safety. My sense is there are those who will turn the slightest of any inclination of violence into something that it was not intended to be. Be safe!! That’s coming across strong to me.

I personally embrace more of what Laura has shared here. It’s good stuff đź’ś

Here is Laura’s comment

In this week of gathering tension in the US and elsewhere, this November 2015 post wants to go up again. If you’re feeling strongly yanked one way or the other, please do take moments to center yourself, and also please click through to some of the posts and resources mentioned in “Finding Our Way.”

I especially want to alert new readers and remind those who’ve read here over the years that the Bankers Manifesto of 1892 remains in effect. (You can find a link in my post, and I will also link again in the comments. This is so important to know at this time. All is not as it appears.) Those who wish to stay in control spin both sides of every divisive narrative, every divisive issue, and every divisive religious war. They profit from wars of all sorts, and by keeping us fighting each other, they successfully utilize smoke and mirrors to herd us into ever tighter restrictions. Those who most love progressive values would be wise to engage those who most resist those values. Let each side exchange information, not to become the same, but to find who’s best at which things, so that together, we can breathe.

I know many people plan to disrupt the Inauguration with protests, riots, even with calls for assassination. I ask people to pause and return to your own center. Where do your actions lead? Is “Civil” war really an answer? Is it the one you most desire? Can we each channel our energy into actions that lead in the directions we most desire? Can we each take one step this week TOWARDS something we prefer rather than railing against things over which we have little influence? Our strongest influence springs from LOVE. What would you love to expand in your life and in this world? What tiny (or large) action can you take this week to increase the odds of El Mundo Bueno expanding it



Laura Bruno's Blog

On first glance, the next three links  and video might seem completely unrelated; however, taken together, they form a mosaic of awareness, compassion and navigation for these troubled, yet high potential times. I’ll give a quick intro of each link. Please click through as you feel led. These links will likely find more resonance with those from Europe, the UK or with European heritage, but anyone can extrapolate for his or her own culture and ancestry.

Uniquely You, Divinely One

This is a post from February 2013, but it holds increasing relevance today as questions of cultural identity move into front lines of discussion. In addition to exploring a beautiful painting by dear friend and artist Tania Marie, I draw examples from permaculture and monoculture as ways of looking at human culture, global awareness, and “sustainability.”

I also briefly discuss how Runes and a burgeoning Folk Movement were successfully perverted…

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CDC “Spider” scientists attack the CDC, blow the lid off

This is really good news. Light continues to shine in all those dark places. If it’s happening at the CDC it’s happening everywhere. If you have anything to hide it won’t stay that way for long

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