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Energy Update ~ Amplified Energies Rollin’ In! Manifesting is Crazy Right Now ~ Jan. 18, 2017

Feeling this to be true. If time. I’m experiencing it as well as others I know. Even if you’re not sure your ready I’d say do it anyway.

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By Molly McCord, 01/18/2017

Buckle up, buttercups.

The fast moving energies of 2017 are officially rollin’ in, and time is going to go faster than you thought possible!

I get the visual of a huge new overlay of 5D energies pouring down over 3D energies, invigorating us with fresh cosmic downloads that are assisting us all in raising our individual vibrations in order to raise the collective vibration. We have entered a new paradigm of faster moving energies to support our ascension, growth, healing, expansion, and manifesting abilities.

Have you been feeling it or seeing it in your world? These are the higher 5D energies that are lifting us UP and OUT of the typical 3D timelines and placing us in the dimension of NO time = things just show up, in an instant!

Energies are lining up with our intentions LIKE THAT with very little time to waste. We…

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