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I felt very strongly about sharing this post from Tania Marie. I had found her tattoos so fascinating andas well as portions of her book Spiritual Skin  that she would share in her posts I eventually felt really inspired to have her create a spiritual tattoo for me. Side note. She is not doing that as of now if you were interested in a tatto creation. She created that tatto 3-4 years ago. It was rather large and fit on my back. I held onto it and would pull it out knowing one day it would be on my body. Well towards the end of 2016 I began my spiritual skin tattoos. First two very small runes  in the inside of each forearm. Then I did slightly larger ones on each front forearms. Now I’ve been in the process of one on each of my upper arms much larger than the last set. My intention is to work up to the back piece which I have a feeling will finally begin this year. Thank you my sweet friend Tania. I used to hold such negative images of tattoos as a young person. Thinking that drunken sailers on shore leave got a tattoo or members of infamous motorcycle  gangs. Boy has my thought transformed 360 degrees. Each of my tattoos means something very significant to me spiritually. They hold space and their attributes on my body and with in. They are a key that activates(thanks Annette for that thought). Enjoy

Tania Marie

This is a cool, short article Dave brought to my attention from TIME Magazine, written by Olivia B. Waxman that I thought was interesting to share on the history of women’s tattoos. Every now and then tattoo info hits the scene and I love how it brings to light more of the energy dynamics that I’ve integrated for myself. I love learning of how things have evolved and in this particular article found an interesting connection with Winston Churchill’s mother Lady Randolph Churchill, who is said to have had a snake tattoo on her wrist (like me!).

The article shares, “Tattoos were an early way that women took control of their bodies.”

Here’s the article link: The Surprising History of Women’s Tattoos


I was alerted by one of my readers that were unable to access this article link, saying it was only for subscribers. I’m not a subscriber and…

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