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Today was a confluence of all sorts of emotions, realizations and gifts.  Each day has this for me, but some days stand out for different reasons.  Today was one of those days.

I started out this morning to take some items to my RV where it’s stored.  I have been sifting through things since I moved, and I realized instead of giving some of these items away I could actually use them in the RV, such as blankets and sheets, towels, along with other household items.

I was in my car heading down the road a few miles, and I spotted a beautiful squirrel on the road that had been hit by a car.  As is my practice, if I have no time constraints, and that it appears fairly safe, I’ll pull the car over and stop.  I’ll pull out my loose tobacco and head over to the animal with some sort of item to pick it up in, normally a plastic bag, take it to the side of the road, lay it on the ground amongst the plants growing to allow nature to take it’s course, say prayers over it, speak to it’s spirit to help calm it, since they usually don’t know what has happened to them, and then sprinkle tobacco over it to bless. it.

Well today was no different.  I turned the car around to go back to where the squirrel was, stopped the car, picked up the squirrel holding a plastic bag, laid him in the bushes on the side of the road, said prayers, did some Reiki and then sprinkled tobacco over him.  As I looked up, I hadn’t noticed but I was in front of a corral, where 3 horses and come over to the fence and had been watching me do this.  I even realized they had been holding sacred space as I said the prayers,  called on reiki and spread the tobacco.  It was truly moving.  As I left, I spoke to the horses and sent them a blessing because I realized they had seen the squirrel hit by the car.  So I wanted to make sure they were ok as well.  I asked them to say prayers for the little squirrel to help him on his way.  I knew he was in good hooves. 🙂

As I got into the car and started driving it struck me that the last time I had found a squirrel in the road was a few months ago, probably the week before Java passed.  We had been heading home from a short trip into Sedona.  I spotted the squirrel and turned the car around and did my thing again.  Java was in the car laying in the back seat as I got out and set him on the side of the road, saw how beautiful he was, prayed and left tobacco.  That brought Java to the forefront of my mind, in that remembrance.

I headed toward the RV storage, smiling and remembering the times Java and I had done so many things together.  Feeling such a huge warmth in my heart, loving him and he loving me.  We understood one another.  Got to the storage lot, and unlocked the RV and the minute I opened that RV door waves of energy of Java and I hit me like a tidal wave.  Java and I spent time in the RV before he passed on a number of outings.  Close quarters, full of adventure and love side by side.

The last time I had gone inside the RV, was in early January, to put something in it I had bought and Java was with me in the car, laying on the backseat.  He didn’t want to get out that day, he just wanted to stay there.   I wasn’t expecting the wave of energy that hit me.  It was so palpable.  The tears started to flow and I just let them.   We had really good times in there for the short time he and I had it together.

As soon as I was able to collect myself I step outside the door onto the step and these birds flew right by my face up the tree the RV is backed up to.  It was a pair of doves, male and female.   They turned around and looked at me and gave each other a few kisses…..anyway, they looked like kisses to me……then they flew off.  I felt Java had sent them to me.

I love you Java.   I miss you but I know you are always near.  There is absolutely NO one like YOU.


Java in the snow Jan 2017

After these connections, I was inspired to do a number of posts today.  Thank you Java, thank you squirrel, thank you (3) horses, and thank you doves for prompting me to make these posts and giving me an answer to something I had been mulling over for a few months on my new website Deer Heart Reiki.


Comments on: "Java, Squirrels, RV and Doves" (3)

  1. i LOVE this share and LOVE this photo of Java!! the light on his face…his vitality and joy for the adventure ahead. what a beautiful share all around and you will not be surprised at our synchronicity yesterday! i started reading this and when i got to the squirrel part, i got chills, as i had a run in with squirrel yesterday too. i was on my way early in the morning to the dentist, after scraping and rubbing off frost from the car windows inside and out. i was winding down the mountain behind a pick up truck loaded with furniture (for some reason this is connecting me to you and the rv and bringing things to it to use). half way down unbeknownst to us there was an ice patch that you couldn’t see. the pick up truck swerved really bad. luckily no cars on other side…then i hit it and did the same, but to a far lesser degree…it kind of jolted me. but we were all ok. then not long after i see a squirrel running across the road. it gets caught under the pick up truck, running back and forth trying to not get hit. next i see him laying on the road, but he’s not squished and his body seems in tact. i curved around him so as not to hit him. the cars behind me see me and seem to do try to avoid him too. i am struck with sadness and tears, sending him reiki. but i wonder about him, as normally when i see this or a little one that’s been hit, they are completely crushed. he didn’t seem so. i’m wondering if he just got knocked, or only a foot or tail hurt. i go to the dentist then after make my way back up the same road. i look for him, but he is not there. a joy comes over me, as i feel he somehow was able to get himself up and off the road and in fact may not have been terribly hurt. anyway, it’s the same day you experience this…we are so connected!! ❤

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    • Dawn Vierra said:

      Oh my goodness!!!! That is very connective in so many ways. I just had chills. 😘. It is a sweet photo of Java. I’m so glad you were safe, along with the truck driver and apparently the Squirrel! I am tickled pink

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