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Who am I listening to?

I had a discussion with someone at an event that I was at this weekend.  Well let me correct myself.  It wasn’t really a discussion, it was them sharing “unasked” their opinion on something that I had shared with them in responding to a question they had asked me.

It doesn’t really matter what the question was, or what I was sharing.  What it boiled down to was they were telling me about something they had heard and that I should adhere to these beliefs.  He was very strongly inferring that I adhere to this.  I thanked him for the info and walked off.

As I have contemplated this discussion over the past few days, I have come to the conclusion to listen to my heart, my higher self and divine wisdom that I will do as I am directed by Spirit, my Creator and my own Intuition.   I claim this as my right and I reject the old way of doing things, such as archaic rules that at one time may have served us, but no longer do.

Everything is morphing and transforming.  Including ways of doing things.  I find freedom and the truth in divine guidance, not in what someone shares such as their opinion.  Although I respect they have the right to believe whatever they wish, I also have the right of freedom to follow my heart and intuition.  As far as I’m concerned and what is evolving for me is that divine guidance comes directly to and through me, not necessarily from other’s opinions or beliefs.

I honor and respect my feelings and intuitions, I trust them completely.  That’s who I listen to.

I felt it was really important to declare this right now, not only for me but for the collective consciousness.








Comments on: "Who am I listening to?" (2)

  1. Dawn Vierra said:

    well said D!!! i love this..feeling your strength and clarity profoundly! and as you know, so in line with what i’m experiencing too. you go girl! way to reflect that only the truth in our own hearts is key. people don’t realize how they throw around ego even when they think they mean well. i’ve learned that anyone or anything that tells me there’s only one way, or that i need to do this or that, etc. is not truth. as we have free will and any spirit that honors the universal laws, and is in alignment with them will never tell us how to do something or that we must do it that way. This comment was from Tania Marie. I somehow deleted it by mistake but found in my email


  2. Dawn Vierra said:

    I love how Tania Marie broke this down even more to isolate ego Thank you!!


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