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Competing Realities and Crisis Mode

This deserves to go up from Dear Laura. What reality do we want. I’d rather make the choice that supports me to be more whole and balanced than have the rug ripped out from under me because I continue to try and do the same old stuff the same way

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I can’t reblog this post another time, but it wants to go up again: “El Mundo Bueno. Remember that no matter how dire things seem, the “Good Reality” remains available and infinitely, intimately close for those willing to reach for it. I mentioned on April 24th that yes, the energies have been very, very intense for many people. As I said to David tonight after another round of emails requesting sessions or reporting current challenges, “The Universe is turning up the heat, driving in the nail, tightening the screws.”

Talking the talk without walking the walk is getting really difficult. Engaging in co-dependent behavior patterns that prevent others from learning their lessons or taking responsibility for their own lives now occurs without the energetic support of the Universe. If you continue to insist on maintaining that which no longer serves, you’ll find it much harder to do so, because you’ll…

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