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Java in the snow Jan 20 – he’s singing here


My sweet boy Java, a Doberman and Australian Shepherd mix transitioned on his journey on Monday morning, March 6, 2017.  Java’s birthday was March 11th, so he was just shy of 11 years old going on 200 years old.  That is just a pinch of the lifetimes we spent together.   I’ve had many sweet and lovely pet companions that I loved dearly.  But Java was different, Java was my soul mate and twin.  He was my best friend and companion.  He was my family.  Java and I communicated in all sorts of ways, conversations, telepathically and energetically.  He knew me and loved me unconditionally for who I was and am.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.  That was a rare quality.  There are only very few people in my life that I would put in that category.  And they too are special.  I would have done anything for my Javaman.  And he trusted me to do so.   I trusted him to do so for me.

Java and I met as I walked into Petsmart in Marietta, GA back in 2006.  I had gone there to pickup cat food and liter for my pillow puff girl Marley.  Marley was a specially kitty because she acted like a dog.  LOL.   I can love kitties, but my heart naturally is always with dogs.  Anyway, they were having an adoption event out front of the store.  Java was in a small kennel and his foster dad was with him.  He caught my eye because he was all snout and paws.   Such a funny looking little puppy and 5 months old.  It was the end of August.  Anyway I went into the store to pickup my stuff, and came out the door.   I started to walk to the car but I stopped to see Java again.  At this point his foster dad took him out on the leash and I talked to him and petted him but he didn’t seem to be interested in me at all.  I decided to put my purchases in the car and came back to look at him some more. 

I spoke to Java’s foster dad to find out his story.   I was told Java was part of a litter of puppies that were dropped off at a vet’s office.  They were all given coffee names.  So hence Java.  I felt his name fit him perfectly.  He was a rich brown with creams, caramel and cinnamon colors running through his fur.   And when you looked at his back end, it almost looked like he had chaps on,  it was all cream colored, with the brown running on the edges.  He had one ear that wouldn’t quite stand up, I asked his dad about it and he said his dog had bit Java’s ear and he didn’t know if it would end up standing up completely once he was an adult.  It never did, and it was such an endearing quality when I would see him from behind, that little lopsided ear.   I hadn’t been looking for a dog but I had started to consider getting a dog.  I continued to watch Java and I asked his foster dad more about him.  He was kennel trained, he had just begun putting him on the leash, he was potty trained.  I don’t know what made the foster dad say ok, when I said I wanted to adopt him, considering Java totally kept ignoring me.  I don’t even know why I wanted to adopt him when he kept ignoring me but I did.  After filling out the paperwork and paying the fee.  I went back into Petsmart and bought everything I needed for Java including the kennel, and then headed home.  I had no idea how Marley would take to him because she was used to being the only one for 10 years at least.   But I figured we could work it out.  So began our life together. 


Having Java around was like having a little baby.   He loved to get into everything.  He wasn’t really a chewer of things except for my hand and the dog bones I had for him.   He was teething and I would have him on my lap and let him chew on the top of my hand.  I know, I know people are probably thinking what?  But it all felt very natural.  It seemed to really comfort him despite the fact those sharp baby teeth would draw blood.  Needless to say my hands would look like Dracula had been feeding on them.   He loved his bones.   I would wonder how he kept going through his dog bones so quickly.  Later I would find out that he would throw them between the slats of the Balinese day bed that I used as a sofa in the living room.  He would jump up on it, push all the pillows away (it looked like a sultans sofa) and drop it out the back.  When I moved it to vacuum there were like 10 bones back there!  LOL.  He always made me laugh. Such a little comedian, and I appreciated that about him.  It helped to balance my serious side.

Java came to live with me at the end of August 2006, and by the end of November 2006, I had quit my job, sold allot of my belongings, rented my place and was heading back to California with Java and my sweet kitty Marley.  We left the day after Thanksgiving, driving a large rental truck with a car carrier attached to the back.  We were driving from Marietta, GA to Carmel, CA.  Java sat in the passenger’s seat, and Marley was in her kitty carrier.   We would stop occasionally to take breaks for bathroom, walks and food.   Then we spent the nights at KOA cabins across the country.  When we got to Abilene, TX it was snowing.   We had left early in the morning to head out.  The snow had stopped but the roads were being plowed.  As we started to drive on, I braked slightly and hit a patch of black ice.   The truck and trailer started to fishtail and go in circles into the freeway meridian.  All I remember at that point thinking was this wasn’t really happening, and then everything kicked into slow motion.  The truck flipped on its side and slid down the meridian for I don’t know how long.  I could see Java fly up into the air off his seat and then Marley’s cat crate tumble on the floor.  I prayed that the front windshield would hold so they wouldn’t be crushed or thrown out, and if they were okay, so they wouldn’t get out once we stopped and possibly be hit by a car.  Thankfully,  the angels surrounded us and protected us.  I walked away with bruises and some scrapes, and frayed nerves.  Java and Marley were both shaken.  We spent the next few days in a hotel recuperating while they transferred what was left in the truck to a new truck so we could continue on our way.  which we did.  It was hard to do, get back into the truck so soon for all of us.  Every little bit of road noise would set Java off and he would shake and whine.  I held him as best I could as we drove.  A few days later we made it California.  We were so glad to get out of that truck!

About 6 months after we had returned to California, my sweet Marley girl kitty had to be put to sleep.  I cried and cried, and couldn’t get out of bed for 3 days.  Java stayed by my side. He was very sad too.  Her passing left a huge hole for us both.  About 3 weeks later I adopted a rescue cat named Jingles, which I changed her name to Jadey.  Jadey had some trust issues so it took a long time before I could even pet her without her biting and/or scratching me.  She gave Java the business too.  Hissing and striking out of him.  He got to the point where he would ignore her, but then couldn’t help himself and try to chase after her.  One day I found one of her claws in his nose.  They developed this love/hate relationship that continued till Jadey passed in April 2016.


We had moved back to California because my mom seemed like she would shortly need some assistance.   As it turned out that did eventually turn out to be the case.   My mom, Java, Jadey and I all moved in together.   Things were real good for the first few months, but then my mom took a fall, and broke her hip  From that point on my mom was bedridden.  Java and Jadey would keep her company.  Java as a huge help because he normally slept with me at night.  But I would leave the bedroom door open so I could hear if my mom needed anything.  He would hear before I did and he would wake me up.   Or if something was wrong and I was in another part of the house he would come get me.   Java was always a healer.  

I actually attuned Java and my cat Jadey ( who we adopted after sweet Marley passed about 6 months after moving to California)    I attuned them both through Reiki II.  Java would look at me with a look of why are you attuning me, I already know how to do this! 

Java and I had been together in previous lifetimes together.  I was a gypsy and he my companion and protector.  He lived this life so well with me then and now, Jadey kept up with us though at times I know it was a bit challenging for her.  From the time Java came to live with me we lived in Marietta, GA,  Carmel Valley, CA, Aromas, CA, Seaside, CA, Campbell, CA. and Sonora, CA.  Then we moved to Salt Lake City, Kamas and Heber, UT.  Then we moved to Cottonwood, AZ and finally Cornville, AZ where Java passed.

Java loved the ladies.  All my female friends he adored.   He was a lady’s man.  Javaman.  He was my dear boy.

 I never felt lonely or scared with Java around.   I knew he always had my back, I knew he loved me and I knew he would do anything to protect me.   Pretty much the whole time we were together we lived in very small places.   He was a good size dog, but he always made it work.  All he cared about was that we were together.   When we moved to Cottonwood in July 2014, I specifically rented a larger place with a fenced yard that he could enjoy.  And he did.   He would be in the house and hear noises, start barking, I’d say, you want outside?  He’d run to the door and when I opened it he would haul butt out there to do whatever he needed to do.  Usually that was barking and showing off his stuff.  


Java only had one fault, and we learned to get around it.   It wasn’t really even a fault.  Java was food protective.   I didn’t find this out till I moved in with my high school friend Cindy, as a roommate.  She had 3 wonderful dogs.  Two Labrador retrievers, one brown named Sam and one black name Gabriel, and then a female pit-bull named Zoe.  Things seemed to be okay till we went to feed them altogether.   Then I saw Java turn into something I had never seen before.  He ferociously attacked Gabriel.  It was brutal.  Poor Gabe.   Cindy and I were in shock.  So we had to make sure they were never in the same room while eating, as well as making sure if we were in the kitchen making food, and any food dropped that we got it immediately off the floor.  

 I had an animal communication session with a gifted animal communicator and friend to see what we could do to change that behavior.   She told me after the session with him, that because of the way we lived, moving around so much that it had activated our past lives together, me as a gypsy and he as my companion and protector   He protected us from robbers, and other ner do wells.  People tried to take our food from our meager supplies and he would attack them so that we could both eat from the food sources we had.  So this had come forward now.  I asked her if she talked to him about stopping it and that he didn’t have to do that now.  She replied she had, but he was not convinced and would need to think about it.  She checked in with him a few days later, and he told her no go on changing the behavior…..lol   That’s my boy.


Java would sing in the morning and night when I was making his meals.  He would talk to me just like a human being and I would talk to him.  We understood each other.  I never taught him this but he would bring me a shoe when he wanted to go on a walk, and then I’d tell him I needed the other one and he would go grab it and bring it to me. 

He stay near my side non-stop when if I was sick.   A few years back I had issues with my endocrine system.  I could barely make it to work and then would come home and sleep non-stop. It went on for a year almost and I attempted to get well.   He stayed so close to me.  Totally devoted and loyal.

When my Jadey girl passed last April 2016,  something for Java seemed to shift.  He started moving slower, he seemed like he didn’t feel well.  We had multiple vet visits for about 6 months.  They didn’t know what was wrong from the testing they did.  They  thought he had allergies.  So we went through regimens of allergy medication.  Then he  was having a hard time jumping on the bed to go to sleep at night after our trip to California in September.  I decided to take him to a new vet I had heard about, that was early November.  After all the testing she told me that it was spleen cancer and too far advanced to do anything other than keep him comfortable, and consider his quality of life.  We did that


So in December we took a car trip to California one more time to visit family and then to retrieve my belongings that had been in storage.  While on that trip it hit me hard that that would be our last long trip together.  We returned home.  From that point on he wouldn’t even get up on the ottoman that I had placed by the bed to make it easier for him to get into bed.  He started sleeping in “his” chair in the living room.   I knew it was more comfortable for him, but I also knew it was his way of easing the process of pulling away from me so it wouldn’t be as hard on me when he left.  

During those months of December through March 5th I took Java with me everywhere, even if he couldn’t go in where I was going it didn’t matter, he wanted to be with me and I wanted him beside me.   He was all sprawled out on the back seat on lots of his favorite blankets.  I’d have his hiking water bowl, and treats for him.   Thankfully during this time it was the winter months and I could do that, the temperature allowed for him to be in the car.   It didn’t get hot enough till the week after he passed.  It was almost like he knew.


The vet told me that she had expected him to pass back in December, but he stayed 3 more months almost in good spirits, comfortable and happy.  It wasn’t until the very last night of Mar 5th, when we were up all night I knew that this was it.  It came on fast and furious.  He knew too.  I laid with him on the floor till morning.  I got dressed, called the vet and gathered his things….his bed and his special blanket.  He walked outside and laid on the grass right by the bird bath.  I could tell he wanted to feel the ground again, the sun on his back and see the birds. 

The last words I said to him was how much I loved him, and how I would never forget him.  Then I told him it was okay to go.  The moment I finished that sentence, he left his body.   He was ready.

He is with me, and assisting me from the other side.  I know it, I feel it.   There is so much more, but I will keep that to myself.  

When I returned from the vets that day,   I walked up to the cabin and right where Java had laid before we left a beautiful yellow/black/orange butterfly flew in spirals right in that spot.   I knew my boy was signaling his ascent and journey of transformation. 



Comments on: "Java, Javaster, Javaman, J-Man ~ Our Story" (2)

  1. Such a precious story and connection … I love everything about this and learning more about how he first came to you and some of your earlier experiences and journeys. Wow about the accident in the truck and trailer! Definitely angelic support all around you. And continuing so with Java now as one as well… There with you forever. I am grateful to know him through you and Jadey too and that we share so much of our journeys with our beloved companions and more. I know how challenging this was to write and relive and yet so powerful healing and supportive for not only you, but others who have gone through similar. Thank you for sharing your heart and soul so vulnerably. I love you!!! Java is so proud of you and smiling at all the amazing shifts you’re making. Me too!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dawn Vierra said:

      Thank you my dear sweet friend. I’m so happy to hear that you were able to learn more about my beloved Java and my little spitfire Jadey. Your words and the feelings behind them are so comforting. I think you may find this funny. While we lived in Carmel Valley, it was on top of a hill. Approximately 2000 ft up. The property had horses on it. Two horses. One was a beautiful Arabian and the other was all white Java was about 8 months old. He enjoyed running into the corral and grazing on the grasses with the horses. They were always so good with him. This is also where he had a cow friend that he loved to run up and down the fence line with. He on one side and the cow on the other. He would also pick up huge branches like fetching a stick and run down the driveway with them in his mouth. One day he came running up behind me and went to pass me with that bug branch in his mouth and smack me in the back of my legs with it. I laughed sooo hard. He was so proud of his ability to do this.

      Yes that accident really bond the three of us. Java, Marley and I. I was so thankful we were alive. The highway patrol said he was very surprised to see me walk away and that of all the accidents he had come upon that day I was the only one alive still. That was super powerful

      Liked by 1 person

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