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Magickal Miracle 

Some background on my new pet companion and sweet friend Miracle that I wanted to share.  

Miracle had been at her foster for about a year. There was zero interest in her. She had been dumped either pregnant or with her 7 puppies in the desert outside of Phoenix called “Dog Patch”. Dog Patch is a notorious dumping ground for animals Alive and dead. She would have been around 2 years old.  

From their best guess she was out there 3 weeks, and keep in mind she ever already had the puppies with her or she had the puppies out there. She kept the puppies alive feeding them and protecting them and herself from who knows what. She has the physical scars that tell the tale.  

When she and the puppies were found Miracle was skin and bones from feeding the puppies All the puppies were still alive By the next day one of the puppies died, despite all that Miracle gave to sacrifice herself for them. Once in the shelter 2 more puppies succumbed to Parvo.  

Her foster mom took in the remainder of the puppies and Miracle. No one has any idea what she had been through prior to being discarded to Dog Patch.  

The puppies grew healthy and were all adopted. The last one adopted was 5 months ago.   

It was destiny that Miracle and I came together. My Java had passed on 3/6/17. About a month ago I had seen a post in FB of a dog that was looking for a home. I messaged the foster mom and through our discussion it was clear he and I would not be the right fit. 

In describing what I was looking for as a good fit for my lifestyle and energy level, the foster mom shared with me Miracle’s story. Then she made the statement, “she’s a black dog and she has scars” so she is considered undesirable by potential adopters, plus she is lab/pitt mix.  
I felt my next animal friend and companion would be a female dog. My last 3 dogs all have been male. I knew it would not be a puppy. I was interested in an adult dog I also wanted a rescue dog.
A week later I went to meet Miracle at her home. At some point I’ll share all the symbols, synchronicities and numerology that showed up during that supported my decision that she was the one.
So about a month after I first met her, she came home to live with me on 5/17/17.   
During that month there were some fears that I needed to work through. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t jumping the gun and I had given myself time to grieve for Java. I also had some concerns about how she would do and if I was truly prepared to give her whatever support she needed. In the end I listened to my heart and nothing or no one else. That told me all I needed.
She too had fears. In connecting with her via Reiki and some animal communication sessions she had so much emotional pain that it was heartbreaking. So I, and two dear friends Tania and Annette (thank you my dear sisters) did Reiki and energy work as well to help support her and I.  
My schedule has a few things already scheduled that would take me away from home for long days. I wanted to get past those commitments so that I could be here for her, to help to make her feel safe, secure and loved.  
Miracle also had an appointment to be spayed which needed to happen before she came home with me
Any of the fears I had have evaporated. She is the sweetest girl and has already settled in and feels safe and loved.
When I told her foster I wanted to adopt her, she asked if I would keep her name Miracle, I told her absolutely. That is her badge of honor. She is a Miracle. And she is my Miracle.   
Java also had a hand in helping to coordinate things from the other side. So he definitely gave me a paws up that this was meant to be. So it was such a Magick transition.
She is a Magickal Miracle.

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