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White Rabbit opportunities come along all the time…and you can call them in! Tania Marie you look to have claimed your adorable bunnieness in both of your photos. You have an innocent childlike expectation and glee feeling.

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white rabbit

Following the White Rabbit is where the journey begins…a reminder to take chances in life, follow your intuitive nudges and gut instincts, and let your heart and inner mind lead the way. A new way of feeling, thinking, seeing, believing, and being is just around the corner, or perhaps “down the rabbit hole,” leading you to a new opportunity and a whole whimsical “Wonderland” of unlimited possibilities and magickal experiences.

It feels like so many of us are at the precipice of incredible life changes and the White Rabbit is symbolic of this transitional journey and process, as well as the new opportunities, ideas, and paths you contemplate pursuing or that are knocking on your door to get your attention. Sometimes these unexplored new roads and dreams simply beckon us to follow for the sheer joy and adventure of it because with that approach and lightness of curiosity, you aren’t attached…

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  1. They sure do!!! Aw thanks so much!! That is so sweet. I think you’re right in terms of becoming more and more like a bunny. It feels that way. Fun to hear your reflections.

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