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Bronson Park Garden Fun

These made me smile from Laura. I hope they do for you as well💥💥💥💥💥

Laura Bruno's Blog

We saw these yesterday on a visit to Bronson Park in Kalamazoo, Michigan. There were many more, but these were some of my favorites. Too clever and lovely not to share:


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Dominion and sovereignty 

I wanted to share a portion of what happened yesterday that I encountered My intent is not to focus on the negative but to share something very pivotal and powerful for me.  
Before we got to the RV site yesterday in Albuquerque I realized I needed a few items, paper towels and drinking water. I found a Family Dollar to pull into.

I walked inside heading down the aisle when all of a sudden I heard two men loudly arguing. There was no one else in the store except me, the two men ( and one of the men’s girl friend) and two female employees. 

 The voices started rising even louder, and me and my little girl inside felt very scared. Then I heard the words gun and knife. I headed to the back of the store. I didn’t have my cell phone with me. As I came to the back of the store cuss words were flying and they were at the cashiers line at the front door. I felt I couldn’t leave that way, plus the women cashiers came to mind. 

 I stopped myself and took some deep breaths. I reassured my inner child, and claimed my innate dominion and sovereignty of my being. That no one else can affect that part of my world. I repeated this with my whole heart and feeling for about a minute. Then everything grew quiet I heard the door open and close.  

I felt comfortable enough to walk towards the front and hear the cashier on the phone with the police to report it. The man and his girlfriend had left. Apparently he had tried to buy something he needed an ID for and the cashier felt it was fake. That’s when he started to become verbally disrespectful to her and the other man felt that he needed to jump in to protect her. So that’s the reason for the loud volatile argument. Thankfully we were all ok.  
I truly felt that no matter what, that my turning the way that I did to my personal sovereignty and dominion helped to assuage the fear I felt and calm me and others down indirectly.  
I am thankful for those angel thoughts or intuition, whatever you want to call it. 
And I am thankful that all were safe
As a side note Miracle had been very anxious about me leaving to go into the store. I didn’t know why at the time. But I truly feel that she had picked up on the energy and was trying to protect me by attempting to stop me. My sweet girl. That took its toll on her a bit yesterday. She’s much better today thankfully. I’ll try to pay more attention. She is definitely very sensitive to energies I so love this girl

170727 Sunrise from my sleeping location

Had to share KPs stunning photo post

Rabbit Awareness

Sharing I have learned allot about bunnies from Tania’s posts about her own sweethearts. I support her in this awareness

Tania Marie

rabbit awareness

I’m devoted to bringing awareness to animals, Mother Nature, and the Cosmos, but rabbits are my passion and I’ve committed to being a voice particularly for them, as a way to share all of this. As I shared in a recent blog post on Astrid and Zephyr, I find rabbits to be unique in that they transcend or bridge several categories of animals. They are domestic, farm, and wild animals and not only are seen as animal companions/pets, but also are farmed or hunted for their meat, farmed or hunted for their fur, and are one of the most commonly used and abused animals in terms of lab testing and experiments. Not only have rabbits become synonymous with cosmetics animal testing throughout the world, enduring horrendous suffering in the name of “beauty,” but their image is the most recognized and used on cruelty-free labeling. This image from one of my fellow rabbit…

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The Long-Awaited Map of Bealtaine Cottage and Gardens

Truly a labor of love Collette. Well done!!!

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland


The Map of Bealtaine Cottage and Gardens is now with the printers in Sligo…finally!19575189_777045269124365_7235027663363828620_o

The tiny error in the spelling of Ballyfermoyle has been corrected, (not shown on here), and I’m hoping to pick the 200 copies towards the end of next week.19748463_1072901282809391_6230458109830596244_n (1)

This map has been painstakingly drawn with fine detail and creativity by the artist and cartographer, David Gascoingne.

David Gascoigne Thanks for a wonderful day yesterday Colette, great connections made and great work done. And thanks once again for the opportunity & for supporting & encouraging me, I am still buzzing today & I have started on the series of Magic Animal Goddess Cards already .. Raven on the way first . ! I will put progress/updates on my David Gascoigne Art page 🙂 It’s a pleasure & honour to know you Mrs, what you’ve achieved at Bealtaine is nothing short of mind-blowing,..you certainly walk the…

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The Arrival of Higher Frequencies & Light-Speed Density Detoxes ~ July Energy Update with Lee Harris

Thanks dear Tania for posting. I haven’t had an opportunity to watch yet but feel it’s very important to share. Love to all.

Tania Marie

Lee’s July Energy Update will likely speak to many of you so I’m sharing it here.

One thing that stood out, because of a theme I’ve been seeing and has come up with everyone I’m meeting and connecting with recently, is that of “healers with burnout” that Lee mentions.

I can’t tell you how many times the theme of “empaths” has been discussed in the last couple of weeks and people wanting advice or simply challenged by not knowing how to function optimally with all that’s happening around them, while they’re trying to also stay committed and focused on the new they’re feeling called to do in bigger ways.

I have to smile at the collective synchronicity each time it pops into conversation within minutes of meeting someone and am finding a lot of people touching in with me on this, not to mention being drawn here to Lake Tahoe.

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Shamanic Gardening

Supercool post by Laura Bruno. These types of things truly happen when you are in the flow with all that is. I’ve experienced many aspects of this myself. I grin and smile knowingly and amused by Laura’s description. She was one of the first that helped me to open to the world of the unseen and Magick. I will always be so appreciative of her

Laura Bruno's Blog

I’m making up for very sparse blogging the past month in otherwise unusable time chunks set aside for various repairs and upgrades. Today it was five new, matching locks on three doors. Because we bought an older house, the locksmith wasn’t sure how long it would take, but now I have some extra time before I get busy again with sessions.

As the locksmith left, I felt called to plant some of the potted up strawberries into the existing groundcover in front of our porch. After watering them in, I second guessed myself, wondering if that would encourage mice too close to the house. I had in my Amazon queue another 100 gallon Big Bag Bed and some fake snakes that supposedly help to repel mice and possibly groundhogs. I put some veggie burgers in our air fryer, went outside to harvest a little lettuce, and what suddenly appeared at…

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