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Rabbit Awareness

Sharing I have learned allot about bunnies from Tania’s posts about her own sweethearts. I support her in this awareness

Tania Marie's Blog

rabbit awareness

I’m devoted to bringing awareness to animals, Mother Nature, and the Cosmos, but rabbits are my passion and I’ve committed to being a voice particularly for them, as a way to share all of this. As I shared in a recent blog post on Astrid and Zephyr, I find rabbits to be unique in that they transcend or bridge several categories of animals. They are domestic, farm, and wild animals and not only are seen as animal companions/pets, but also are farmed or hunted for their meat, farmed or hunted for their fur, and are one of the most commonly used and abused animals in terms of lab testing and experiments. Not only have rabbits become synonymous with cosmetics animal testing throughout the world, enduring horrendous suffering in the name of “beauty,” but their image is the most recognized and used on cruelty-free labeling. This image from one of my fellow rabbit…

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  1. I SO appreciate your support, love, and all of the help, energy, and presence you’ve so generously given to me and my bunny loves, your own loves, and to animals and our earth mother in general. grateful for you in every way ❤ thank you for sharing this


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