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Timothy Glenn ~ Heads Up, Keep Your Head Down

This is exactly what I had planned to do. Having a peaceful day of spiritual solitude at home with Miracle brake a few walks around the property and then do my intentions and practices during the portal of the eclipse This is what my inner guidance has related. Feels good. 🙏🙏🙏

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Many people privately have inquired what David and I are doing for the eclipse. Are we traveling to see it? Will we be doing something special? The simple answer is no, not really. We’re nowhere near the path of the eclipse, and David needs to work.

The longer, more accurate answer is that even if we were near the path of the eclipse and David had loads of vacation time left after our move, we still wouldn’t be traveling to watch the eclipse. It’s a potent portal, yes, and because it’s so potent, I intend to utilize those energies in the strongest, most focused way possible. For me, that doesn’t mean gathering in large crowds of uncertain, chaotic energy. It means spending time in nature  on that day and then during the actual eclipse window, going inside and doing a Reiki Healing Attunement for David and me, plus Reiki support…

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August-September Energy Update-UPGRADES, BIGGER LIVES and The POWER of COMMUNITY

I had seen Lees new update was out this morning but haven’t had an chance to watch yet. Then dear sweet T posted it on her blog with comments. Much love Tania Marie.

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This will speak to many of you I’m sure. Lee shares support for the next few weeks that may be feeling intense with all that is going on energetically. I would definitely agree with his sharing how the heart and third eye are at the core of things right now and that you’ll need to take time to nurture yourself away from things, while harnessing the fertile energy to create so much more at this time even with everything playing out in the outside world. It may be necessary to remove yourself from things or for others, to support the fire within that compels you to take more direct action. Tune in where your gifts are best supportive at this time, as it is all necessary, valuable, and important…listen to that voice within. Being mindful of what drives you is important too….is it anxiety-based or a creative propulsion? This is…

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Revelations, Revolutions and Spin

Laura reposted this with comments. They are not coming through on my reblog so I am copying and pasting here.

“It seems like a good time to repost this February 2014 piece. Please, be careful what sort of revolution you unwittingly usher in. Revolution just goes in a circle. Evolution actually makes progress. Big difference, which stems from both discernment and responsibility.
Apparently, most people in spiritual circles have not studied the history of revolutionary and civil wars around the world. For whatever reasons, I have. People who throw gasoline on fires get burned. Please, be the peace in the world. Stay centered. Remain prayerful and focused on the beauty, joy and harmony you’d most prefer.

Blessed Be. And, please … be the blessing.”

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The people who’ve run this world for at least 12,000 years are con artists.

They know what to reveal, when and how. When they get caught at one thing, they divert, obfuscate or find a scapegoat to bear the brunt of punishment for their own psychotic games. They prey upon a humanity with little to no independent imagination left — a humanity happy to outsource their imagination to tell-LIE-vision, movies, commercials, watered down Faery Lore turned into cotton candy, butterfly “fairy tales” and Common Core. Recognizing their own inadequacy to create, they’ve co-opted humanity’s innate creativity and used it for their own nefarious ends. Now that some alternative media icons have busted them, they’ve begun to spin things the other way.

I don’t even know where to begin with this post, because I’m just shaking my head at what passes for “revelations” these days — at what people gobble…

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Thich Nhat Hanh ~ The Great Bell Chant

Sharing 🙏🌈🙏

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Also an excellent time for this:

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Timothy Glenn ~ Lunar Explorations

I love having my beliefs challenged. This is mindbending and I’m ok with that! Thank you Timothy Glenn and Laura Bruno

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He’s ba-a-a-ck! After his last post rocked many a worldview, Timothy Glenn returns as promised to discuss the moon and its influence. How to introduce this post? Hmmm … here’s what Tim said in his email to me:

“The moon is currently part of our experience. We can learn to deal with it, work around it, or…

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Timothy Glenn ~ Eclipsing Our Reality

Thank you Laura for the post and comments. Thank you Timothy for your words of wisdom. This is definitely a promoting aid to use these energies of August to our full advantage. Individually and collectively. 💜

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This just in from astrologer, numerologist and author, Timothy Glenn, along with a short note/trigger warning:

Eclipsing Our Reality

By Timothy Glenn

We have been hearing lots of hubbub around the subject of the August 2017 eclipses, the opening of the lion’s gate, and especially the anticipated impact of the August 21st total solar eclipse on the United States.

First there will be two warm up exercises. Depending on where you are on the planet, the lunar eclipse will occur at 15 degrees Aquarius on August 7th or 8th. This will be followed by the Perseid meteor shower, which will peak on August 12th. These events will set the stage for the main…

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Quarksire’s Photos of da’ Year!

Feeling like there is a special place right now for beauty and amazement. Feast your eyes. Thank you Quarkshire


Pic’s of da’ year Award!!!

a couple few pics i did not take

I have spent hours going thru all the pics i have collected in the last year! er so This one comes frum my gurlfriends site…an da rainbow shot also….an no U can’t know who she is// lol. unless ya are one of those privy to know ! ya know……!!!….. i cannot find the higher resolution shot i had in my puter here…but when i do i shall replace this post-it’s pic with thata one…This pic simply amazes me an i think it is pert incredible …an even though i did not take this shot…got to hand it to the person that did..although i do not know whom that is..or i’d give home er her credit…


an here is second place to the pic of da year award! frum da’ Q

~~~~~ mc namara on another wave…

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