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Timothy Glenn ~ Patience: Still the Prime Virtue

This feels like a really good one to post. I heard a video today on the lions gate energies and they were also speaking about patience. I have felt that myself (whispering in my ear) over the last few days when it all felt like sludge I was walking through. Just trying to focus on all I want to create and keep myself in the now as much as possible. Life is much simpler that way. Thank you Timothy and Laura😘

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Here’s a very “timely” one from my good friend, Timothy Glenn.

Patience: Still the Prime Virtue

By Timothy Glenn

We’ve heard it throughout the ages, in various cultures and languages: Patience is the prime virtue. The issue of impatience has been popping up in lots of sessions with clients this year, and has raised its head in online chatter.

If you haven’t read it (or don’t remember the essence of it) you might reflect on Laura Bruno’s response to a classic case of mass impatience:

“Incremental and Lasting Change: Create New Systems and Safety Nets Before Summoning Destruction.”

The gist: some people wanted us to coalesce our energies to collapse the global economy so as to speed up our planetary transformation by “starving the beast”. Laura wisely counseled that it would be kinder and wiser to allow time for the unprepared to get prepared:

“A true, positive, lasting, sovereign change…

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