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7 Sneaky Things Narcissists Say to Get You Back

This is something I am familiar with on a number of levels. Be informed and see what is in front of you whether in a personal relstiinship and on the world stage. Don’t fool yourself. I would love to see that this is no longer an issue even. Thank you Laura for sharing this again Hugs

Laura Bruno's Blog

This video seems very important to post right now — perhaps for some individual readers, but also in this time of increased revelations. Our world is run by narcissists, on both sides of the political aisle, in many religions, cults, and high positions of power. This video speaks to people involved in a romantic relationship with a narcissist; however, it offers insights into more public displays of people getting caught in various situations.

I especially agree with the “projection” and “hoovering” information. I hear from so many people who, often unbeknownst to themselves, are involved with people on the narcissist, sociopath or even psychopath spectrum. The lines they’re fed are so eerily similar that it’s almost like listening to a script whenever someone describes this type of relationship. In the interests of supporting those people beginning to feels cracks in their denial and little flickers of clarity and courage, I…

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