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Loving Animals Enough to Listen

Animals are so dear to me. No matter what kind. If we listen they will tell us what they want. And many times it’s not what we would assume. Enjoy. Thank you for sharing this post

Winging with Whitehawk

Just watched a beautiful 54-minute documentary about a particularly warm, endearing, and tuned-in animal communicator — a woman whose heart is so loving and open, with a demeanor so gentle and kind, animals readily trust her and respond by engaging in meaningful communications with her.

I’m sure many readers have read about, seen programs about, and even experienced animal communications, as have I. But this particular woman has a way about her that teaches almost by pure emanation – direct loving transmission – and while this doc has been around a while, it was new to me and I’m very happy to share it with you.

In under an hour we gain meaningful insight into not just dogs and cats, but racehorses, goats, an elderly elephant, a very sad bird who lost all its feathers due to a medication… and even ants. I’m currently in a major ongoing “battle” with…

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