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Quarksire’s Photos of da’ Year!

Feeling like there is a special place right now for beauty and amazement. Feast your eyes. Thank you Quarkshire


Pic’s of da’ year Award!!!

a couple few pics i did not take

I have spent hours going thru all the pics i have collected in the last year! er so This one comes frum my gurlfriends site…an da rainbow shot also….an no U can’t know who she is// lol. unless ya are one of those privy to know ! ya know……!!!….. i cannot find the higher resolution shot i had in my puter here…but when i do i shall replace this post-it’s pic with thata one…This pic simply amazes me an i think it is pert incredible …an even though i did not take this shot…got to hand it to the person that did..although i do not know whom that is..or i’d give home er her credit…


an here is second place to the pic of da year award! frum da’ Q

~~~~~ mc namara on another wave…

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