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Laura reposted this with comments. They are not coming through on my reblog so I am copying and pasting here.

“It seems like a good time to repost this February 2014 piece. Please, be careful what sort of revolution you unwittingly usher in. Revolution just goes in a circle. Evolution actually makes progress. Big difference, which stems from both discernment and responsibility.
Apparently, most people in spiritual circles have not studied the history of revolutionary and civil wars around the world. For whatever reasons, I have. People who throw gasoline on fires get burned. Please, be the peace in the world. Stay centered. Remain prayerful and focused on the beauty, joy and harmony you’d most prefer.

Blessed Be. And, please … be the blessing.”

Laura Bruno's Blog

The people who’ve run this world for at least 12,000 years are con artists.

They know what to reveal, when and how. When they get caught at one thing, they divert, obfuscate or find a scapegoat to bear the brunt of punishment for their own psychotic games. They prey upon a humanity with little to no independent imagination left — a humanity happy to outsource their imagination to tell-LIE-vision, movies, commercials, watered down Faery Lore turned into cotton candy, butterfly “fairy tales” and Common Core. Recognizing their own inadequacy to create, they’ve co-opted humanity’s innate creativity and used it for their own nefarious ends. Now that some alternative media icons have busted them, they’ve begun to spin things the other way.

I don’t even know where to begin with this post, because I’m just shaking my head at what passes for “revelations” these days — at what people gobble…

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