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Coping with Fibromyalgia as an Empath

Such a vulnerable and truthful post by me dear friend Elana Rose Many of you can relate who are dealing with chronic illness, especially fibromyalgia

Timothy Glenn ~ The September 23, 2017 Hype

Sharing. I’ve seen allot of this “panic” on social media I don’t watch the news so I can only imagine what’s being said Thanks Timothy Glenn via Laura Bruno’s blog post here. Time and energy is more widely spent on taking self care

Laura Bruno's Blog

Tim sent this post to me as an urgent update due to the number of emails and panicked inquiries he’s received about today. Although YouTube has “suggested” various videos with extremely paranoid sounding titles while I research other things like how to outline my novel or how to trim my own bangs, LOL, I’m happy to report that precisely no one has sent me a panicked email or requested an emergency session because they thought the planet would explode today. Thank you for having discernment!

Just in case you’ve stumbled across scary mainstream media claims

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Wonderland Delight ~ Equinox Enchantment

Feeling the Magick in this post by dear Tania Marie. The thoughts, the feelings and the pictures. All a wonderland☃️⛄️🐰😘

Tania Marie


On this doorway between Summer and Autumn, I’m celebrating all of it AND Winter! Yes, just as I suspected (and just may have had my own little additional hand in with Jack Frost and the Faeries), the snow began to fall right after I completed my book and then continued yesterday on and off, and all through the night (that has me singing my fav from Cyndi Lauper now…All through the night….). This left an incredible, fresh wonderland this morning for me to wake to.


But that was preceded by an awe-inspiring sunset last night too, which had me in “ooo’s and ahhh’s” over and over. It felt like the light and portal I was watching before me, was taking place inside my heart and spirit.


Even the magickal Astrid was giddy with delight at her very first snow, running all around the rooms like a little speed racer this…

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Reminder: murder at the FDA

This very clearly and strongly suggests to me that we should not be trusting our health and well being to anyone but ourselves and our children as well.  I’ve known this for sometime, a number of years but many do not. It’s important we take full responsibility of our well being And especially not rely on these very faulty agencies and individuals to dictate what we do with our bodies. Especially pharmaceuticals and vaccines. As far as I’m concerned this spans across the board. We have been way too trusting of those who do not deserve or earn that trust because of them being labeled so called experts 

Kp Message 9-21-17… “Facing the Fire… and Facing the Fires”

In many ways I’m feeling much like KP and I embrace it.   
His description yet non description of it, suits me just fine. 🙏😘

Destroying the Illusion VIDEO 9-13-17… “Interview with ex-CIA Robert David Steele & Fmr Congresswoman Dr. Cynthia McKinney on #UNRIG so far”

I really like the concept of #UNRIG. It’s explained well in this interview by Jordan Sather. Thank you Dr McKinney and Mr Steele

Made of Stardust

I love this post by Tania Marie. There are so many morsels and gems of gold she shares in her experiences and synchronicities.

Tania Marie

star lake (13).jpg

As I glance at the clock to begin this post my eye catches the time to read 2:26 pm. There is no randomness about that in my book, being that much of this post is centered around the theme of rebirthing, since 2/26 IS my birthday, and I’ve been seeing these numbers show up again. It’s also no coincidence my last post was titled Updates & Integrations Anchoring and my post of 6 days ago – Earthing, Faery Portals, Dream Visioning & Pisces Full Moon – spoke of the energy around the Pisces Full Moon – all of this making sense as you read on. I mentioned in that blog how Pisces rules the feet saying “dance like crazy and move energy through your feet, which will not only shake out everything from the core and move things fast, but will anchor and ground you as you connect those feet…

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Autumn Beauty Sunflower

I’m so excited for fall to be around the corner. The colors on this sunflower make it the perfect welcome to fall Thanks Laura! Quite a beauty

Laura Bruno's Blog

This stowaway from Goshen finally bloomed this week. I’ve enjoyed the color next to the purple maple tree, as well as the hummingbird I saw yesterday sipping sunflower and cosmos:


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The Dick Gregory I knew

Sharing. In honor of Dick Gregory by Jon Rappaport

Prayer for the world Andrew Acker 

Very powerful prayer shared by Andrew on FB.   Andrew is located in Arizona. He asked that we share this prayer.  

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