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Sharing this invitation of intention and prayer. I like how this targets what is creating the storms, fires, droughts, and geoengineering itself

Deus Nexus

To End Geoengineering and the Weather Wars Waged Against Humanity

Source:Cosmic Convergence  | byCosmic Convergence

Dear Resident of Planet Earth,

If you are awake, you know that each and every human being alive today is under ongoing assault.  These assaults are many and varied, some much more deadly and destructive than others.

In fact the entire planetary civilization has been relentlessly assailed by different types of weather warfare for decades.  Also known as geoengineering, this covert government operation has morphed into a full-scale war on the human race.  While many of us are familiar with the ever-present chemtrails and misutilization of HAARP; there are still countless others who are not.


More accurately these clandestine false flag attacks utilize weaponized weather to terrorize a targeted nation or population.  Hurricane Harvey and Irma are both graphic examples…

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