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I’m realizing that the rate of change in and on this planet is increasing. Increase in the rate (velocity) of change equals “acceleration”. Or, the speed of change is increasing. Acceleration, baby…

So all I can say is, it’s really a “going with the flow”, and even though the rate of flow (speed) is continually increasing (accelerating), each of us has the ability to “go with it”. Like catching larger and larger waves, each of which comes in faster and faster, bigger and bigger… they can be surfed, if our velocity (speed) keeps matching that of the wave.

Our overall consciousness, aka, vibration, has increased dramatically in the past few years, and the past few months. It will continue to increase. There may be seeming “starts and stops”, but as our Ascension Intent remains clear, we will flow with these changes… both INner and outer… both INvisible and outer-visible…


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