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Watch “Bad News” on YouTube

Jordan Sather’s YouTube account for Destroying the Illusion was also shut down.

Let Truth Ring throughout our land and world

These are the people that are pulling back the curtain on lots of hidden stuff. They aren’t for any political party. They are for truth

Watch “Blackstone Intel Being Permanently Deleted By YouTube” on YouTube

Another Truth channel being deleted. This is happening on YouTube, FB and Twitter.

There is a concerted focused effort to keep the truth from being spread. The truth will never be squelched. Let it ring and rise even louder

Watch “White Sands National Monument: Fun Facts and Playing in the Desert “Snow”” on YouTube

Fun with Carolyn and Capone 🤗

Most often heard phrases on YouTube these days… “I’m Banned? You’re Banned!”

Watch “Joe Rogan – We Are in Danger of Losing Free Speech” on YouTube

Has individuals ideas and thoughts being expressed in whatever forum become “hate speech”. It seems the term hate speech is being used broadly by many because the views of that person don’t agree with your views.

That’s a big red flag. Censorship. It has become rampant with FB, YouTube and Twitter as well as MSM.

Guns: the one-size-fits-all solution is no solution

This is about a number of topics other than guns where one type solutions are not the answer. We are individuals not zombies or robots programmed to function and feel alike.
We have different feelings, ideas, talents and dreams.

Watch “Incredible – Video surfaces of gigantic bizarre straight line soaring through the sky!” on YouTube

I had seen a few YouTube peeps talking about this over the past week. But this actually includes videos of the line in the sky in the Netherlands. Everyone is asking what is it? Those who study these things have never seen any thing like it before

Watch “The WAR ROOM Latest Pedophile Arrests by V4CR” on YouTube

Prayers for these “vets 4 child rescue” who are on the front lines in rescue operations for children it’s a dark subject but this video interview with Craig Sawyer is very uplifting.

My prayers are for the day that units like these are no.longer needed ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Watch “Speaking to the Water” on YouTube

Wisdom teachings from the Water I came upon this video and its beauty asked to be shared

Timothy Glenn ~ Our Newest Nexus Point

This post is so synchronistic in regards to a post by Tania Marie on FB about her new bunny pillow in her desk chair. I spoke about how the bunny looked like it was involved in timelines, parallel universes and dimensions. What Timothy Glenn discusses here in this post from Laura Bruno is awareness of our choices for the world’s we want create and live in.

Laura Bruno's Blog

Today’s post comes from Timothy Glenn, inspired by a long reply I left on his last post. Discussing two or more versions of reality, I noted, “We have options.” Here’s Tim’s riff on that concept:

Our Newest Nexus Point

By Timothy Glenn

Questions keep arising over our current evolutionary trajectory. A lot of people express concern over the future of Earth, and how prophecies of the planetary transition into the New Earth might manifest. At the root of these ponderings we find the curious assumption that there is only one Earth, one Reality and only one way for everything to unfold.

Back in the late 70’s,

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