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Lee shares what the energy is about this month.

We need to check in with ourselves in regards to people pleasing. Coming up allot for people and releasing that. When we agree to do something but our body is not in alignment with that it’s a key that we are people pleasing.

Also noted was conflict. Conflicting opinions, sharp edges where that’s concerned. Lee suggested to focus on the positive outcome of change and not what is dissolving, which will help to ride the wave of creativity into the newer realms.

Lastly, creativity assists in allowing us to come into our purpose as we are all needed. Now through June there will be lots of focus on our intent and execution of what that might look like.

Thanks so much Lee Harris.


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    Thanks to Lee Harris for the video report and to Dawn for the write-up. I definitely agree on both the creativity and the body response to people pleasing. Our bodies are excellent guides if we can’t decide. I call it “bumper bowling” when symptoms erupt to keep us more firmly on path. If we give ourselves permission just to follow our path without needing an excuse, then the bumpers (symptoms) don’t need to inflate.

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