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Peacock Catwalk by Indigo

As I was walking out to the car to run errands this morning, look who greeted me in all his regalia. It’s Indigo!!!!

Made my day❤️💜


Full Moon Shifts & Potent Portal Possibility

I found this post of Tania Marie’s so right on and interesting as well. Her birthday faery self finding ways to express so well what she is feeling, experiencing and living. Big hugs and love. It mirrored much of what I am going through myself. She with the aid of her beloved Astrid and I with my dearest Miracle. Taking deep breaths and moving forward on our respective paths energized anew 💜❤️

Tania Marie

tania marie.jpg

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m a bit bunny crazy and the bunny energy just keeps multiplying, as rabbits do! My birthday gifts were full of bunnies (including a sweet donation to Save A Bunny in my honor and the White Rabbit ensemble pictured here), but I spent a low-key hoppy birthday week mixed with nurturing and reflection. I also experienced a big energy hop where things intensified on my birthday and then released a couple of days after, in alignment with the Virgo Full Moon. Since Astrid is a Virgo, there is definitely bunny synchronicity going on there too and I noticed some different behaviors in her as well.

As I mentioned in my last post sharing Lee’s Energy Update for March, I’ve been profusely immersed in the themes he speaks of – innovation and creativity – constantly feeling this impulse to create whether it’s baking up a storm…

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