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Well, if you’re looking for Jordan Sather’s YouTube page… Ain’t there no more!

Post from KP


Since time began: what artists are telling us

By Jon Rappaport


Watch “How Do I Set Boundaries With the Victim Strategy? (Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome)” on YouTube

Gold nuggets from Lee Harris

180513 Kp Message… “Stay in the Light of Higher Discernment!!”

A very good reminder from KP

Reports & Warnings Concerning Cobra [video] ~ May 13, 2018

I felt this was important to share regarding Cobra. His last post didn’t sit well with me at all. I had been following him for a number of years. Never felt he was off. But this last post the warning bells totally went off. It was sad to hear this coming from Cobra. Thank you Blue Dragon for initially reblogging this post. Please use your own discernment and guidance

Rose Rambles...

Ah, yes…indeed the war for planet Earth is indeed heating up! When information appeared calling Cobra into question by several sources, I knew many questions would arrive because, hey…I have questions in my own mind! No one is exempt from attack in this war it seems…and the attacks made by the dark are not just in the physical realm!

This blog by Starship Earth speaks well to the crux of the problem. The knowledge I have learned from the geo-political scene indicates that the cabal/Illuminati/dark forces are indeed in dire straits as plan after plan after plan for complete world domination has failed.

Their latest ploy? Attack messages that stem from well-known leaders of spirituality to led the spiritual masses into confusion and disorientation which falls into their “divide and conquer” strategy. This is a pretty clever plan, designed to win through introducing spiritual confusion, and…this plan will fail as…

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Radio Show this Friday, May 11th

Laura Bruno will be on the radio discussing numerous fascinating topics. Tune in if you can❤️


Watch “She THOUGHT it was just a friendly cat…It wasn’t a cat!” on YouTube

More unusual animal behavior reports by MRMBB333

He’s been doing these daily for a number of months this year. Getting reports from people around US, Australia, Canada and other countries.

He has put together a log of these and pinpoints on map on his website.

The animals are attempting to tell us something or a number of things.

Watch “Can a Narcissist Ever Be Your Soul Mate? (Live Q&A)” on YouTube

A short video from Lee Harris on Soul Mates, Narcissists and many Soul Mates. I resonate so much with this.

Going Into the Beyond

Thank you sweet Tania and dearest Astrid💕

Tania Marie

The last few days I’ve noticed energy shifting more with depth of reflection at the forefront, more anchoring in a flowing yet solid way, increased nature time than there already is, and more reviewing and clarifying. It has seemed like pauses or steps back, but in actuality are energetically catapulting. And during all of this it is not surprising to me that I would find both Astrid and myself feeling and emanating most ourselves and feeling freest to be who we really are. Our bond means the world to me and this book I find most of my work focuses on, to pull deeply at petals around my heart, asking it to open further despite feeling sometimes at a loss as to how.

Then the reminders and beautiful nudges come through that assure me I do know and when tears fall, it means I’m there.

They are tears of expansion…

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Uranus in Taurus: What I’m Noticing So Far

Sharing this very timely and supporting post by dear Laura Bruno. Where are you in this process?


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